Just discovered ELO. Run screaming or rejoice?

ELO…mmmm, good stuff.

he worked a bit with Paul McCartney on Flaming Pie, and I didn’t think he was too overpowering on that album. Also, I like what we did on George’s last album. It was still distinctly Harrison, it seemed like Lynn kind of reined himself in a bit.

My favorite songs of theirs is Don’t Bring Me Down and Twilight.

If there was ever an album that deserved a full animated video treatment, it’s this one.

Growing up, ELO was my favorite group. I still love the song Mr. Blue Sky. It’s one of my all time favorites.

My favorite album of theirs: Eldorado. Fantastic stuff, and the string arrangements are excellent.

I am stll insane- here I go again…

I fell in love with Mr. Blue Sky the first time I heard it. I don’t know how to describe it, but I took an instant visceral liking to it in a way that very rarely happens for me with any piece of music, my bout with lightning love at first sight (sound?). Even after many many repetitions, I love and adore the song.

The thing is, though, I have since listened to other ELO songs, including such hits as Strange Magic and Evil Women, and really don’t find anything special about them at all. I don’t dislike them; they’re OK, but I wouldn’t actively choose to listen to them if I had a selection to choose from.

I will try to listen to some of the other songs you guys have mentioned that I have not yet heard… Out of respect for one of my favorite songs ever, I really really want to like ELO. I just need a reason, dammit :frowning:

ELO’s rendition of “Roll Over Beethoven” is the best ecver made!!

The lyrics of Don’t Bring Me Down include the word/sound ‘groosh’, or some such. I’ve always loved that sound and it was printed on the album lyrics. When I went to check the spelling I came across this site, which has an interesting take on it. Be warned - there’s a couple of pop-ups.

*I love their “Mr Blue Skies”
Almost my favourite is “Turn to Stone”
And how 'bout “Telephone Line”?
I love that ELO. *

If they’re good enough for Randy, they’re good enough for me. (Though I suspect he was taking the mickey, but that’s Randy Newman for you.)

I could sing you the entire ‘Time’ LP from memory. That’s either very sad or … something.

ELO is also my favourite all-time group

TIME is a wonderful album