Just Freaking STOP It !

Enough is enough !

I know we have had threads on this already , but can we stop this crap now? The election is over with , one party won , the other one lost. Would everyone please , please stop bringing politics into threads that do not have anything to do with it?

It’s really starting to seem as if you can not open a thread about anything without some one bringing politics into it.

Got a story about the cute thing your dog did? Wait around and someone will be sure to tell you that it is because your dog is a liberal.

Having problems with your car and asking for some advice? Someone is bound to pop up and tell you that it’s because of the car being manufactured in a “Blue State”.


The Democrats aren’t mushy headed wackos .
The Republicans aren’t cold hearted war mongers.

If you need to keep bickering about your right-wing, left-wing bullshit at least keep it out of threads that it DOES NOT belong in…uuhm k ?
That is all.


Yes they are. The administration is anyway.

Would this post be necessary if the Democrats had won?

Yes. :wink:

It’s all Bush’s fault, I’m sure.

Party politics is a distraction anyway. While we had the horserace, we had to deal with the horseshit, to the exclusion of a large segment of important issues that nobody thought they could Run On.

Yes, Democrats, you are now quite a ways in the hole as minority party. Move on. Strategize. Build alliances on the issues. Get busy now to regain some seats in '06.

My primary concern (seeing as lots of ppl are already worrying about our wars and our economy) is the undeclared culture war at home. To a lot of us, culture war=gay marriage+abortion+school prayer. It’s much more than that. Conservatives are just itching for a disciplinarian-dad culture to paddle the country the way they were paddled as kids. Someone has to stand up and say no. Twice loudly.

(Imagine the gall of that Bill Clinton…knocking down his abusive stepdad at the age of 14…just another of the many things to deplore about the man, I guess.) :dubious: