Just got an android phone - what apps?

I just today got a Droid Incredible (which I’m posting with so forgive any typos). I’ve been having fun with the built in apps and a few I’ve downloaded. So, fellow Droid users, what are your favorite apps?

Personally, I can’t wait for a clear night so I can use Google Skymap.

PDAnet for using your phone as a cellular modem. Perhaps by now, your cellular provider already allows you to do this.

Latitudefor tracking your friend’s locations. i notice that it doesn’t always update correctly, but when it works, it’s great for trying to figure out if your friend that you were supposed to meet is nearing your location.

Older thread on Android apps.

I recently downloaded Amazon’s Kindle app and am enjoying it. Works best if your screen is large and you don’t have trouble reading small type. :slight_smile:

There’s an app called Bathroom Finder that lets you look for and upload the location of public restrooms, which occasionally comes in handy.

Flashlight is very useful. Turns your phone into a low-powered flashlight.

Movies lets you look up showtimes by the movie or the theater, and finds theaters close to you, among other features. (Ratings, previews, buying tickets online, etc.)

If you’re an NPR listener, they have a pretty good app called NPR News. It has stories available for reading or listening, plus the ability to stream most NPR stations.

My fiance and I use an app called Our Groceries for shopping. We both downloaded it and set up a linked account so if one person it at the store, the other person can add something from home and it will instantly appear on the list.

Parkdroid uses GPS to help you remember where you parked. I would use it more if my GPS were more reliable; lately, it’s had trouble figuring out where I am.

I don’t use Shazam much, but it’s really cool: want to know what the name of that song you’re hearing is? Let Shazam listen to it for several seconds and it’ll tell you.

Weatherbug is a better weather app than the one that comes pre-installed; likewise, Better Alarm is, in fact, better than the default alarm clock (it lets you set songs from your library as the alarm sound).

If you’re an XKCD fan, there’s an XKCD Viewer app that shows you the latest comic, lets you browse past comics, tag favorites, send them to friends, post them on Facebook, etc. (And yes, it includes the mouse-over text: just tap the screen on the comic.)

I have a Droid X.

Amazon Kindle came with the phone - don’t know if it came with yours, but I believe it’s free. There are a ton of classics available for free download for reading.

I replaced the default browser with Dolphin Browser - free - it just looks and works better.

Scanner Radio - free - hundreds or thousands of police, fire, etc scanners from around the world.

MLB At Bat 2010 - free - baseball news aggregator.

free games - Angry Birds, Unblock me, nethack, Shortyz crosswords.

Paid game - Drop 7, I think $2.99. Mt wife played it on someone’s iPhone and begged me to buy it. It’s fun, but I object to paying for it when there are great free games available.

Tesla LED Flashlight - free - a very bright flashlight app that uses the camera flash.

Sirius XM online - free app, but need a Sirius XM subscription. They recently added the Howard Stern channels to the mobile app. I LOVE it.


TuneIn Radio - want to listen to a station broadcasting from Antarctica, or Mongolia? Well this is the app you need. In my experience works great on a 3G network or higher, but to be honest needs a wifi connection.

Vignette - a brilliant camera app. There’s a free version but it limits resolution, it is worth paying the price, I think it’ll be only a couple of dollars? Allows post-processing of photos, and you’ve got an Incredible which has a decent camera.

What else? I’d replace the stock browser with Dolphin, the stock music player with Winamp, the stock text entry app with Swype (you might need shenanigans to do this, it isn’t on the Market for all phones), and if you can’t get to grips with Swype (I couldn’t after a few months get used to the paradigm they use), then use Swiftkey, which takes predictive text to a scary new level

I’ll add a plug for Password Safe (the one by Kuffs software) which allows a hierarchy of folders and items for your passwords (Accounts/Bank/Credit, etc.)

Also for Timerrific which lets you set several time-of-day/day-of-week profiles to control your phone’s volumes, ring and vibrate modes and even display brightness. Brightnesses. Brightnessess. …And even how bright the display is.

I just got a Galapagos SmartPhone made by Sharp for Softbank, one of the major Japanese carriers. Thanks for the info on cool apps.

Advanced task killer - does exactly that
Bubble - a spirit level
Endomondo - workout logger
Good Beer Guide - only useful in the UK
Rail Planner Live - also only useful in the UK
The Weather Channel - local weather
Tricorder - nerd toy

I would advise against this. Since Android version 2.1 (which the OP has at least, if not 2.2 (or a very slim chance of 2.3)) there is no need for a task killer. Android’s memory management is better than you. Yes, a task killer will shoe some background processes running, but the Android OS is smart enough to keep them very, VERY backgrounded…it’s not like in Windows where ten open windows are actually all using RAM and CPU.

Using something like ATK can affect performance negatively by closing apps that were kept open for a reason (an email app to sense push notifications,) etc…

Angry Birds :smiley:

I wouldn’t. Appkiller shines at conserving battery power. Before I got it, I would get down to 30% or so by the end of the day. Once I started using it, I am still at 70+% at the end of the day.

BTW, the Android Market is now accessible via the internet. :slight_smile:

Cal Widget, a calendar widget with lots of options, definitely better than the stock widget

RealCalc: a scientific calculator

Where’s My Droid is my favorite one. Choose two words, one to have another phone text yours to get it to start ringing (it will turn the ringer up if the phone had been set to vibrate). The other word will give you the GPS coordinates of the phone in case you lost it.

Lookout is a good one. It’s similar to “Where’s My Droid”, in that it will ring your phone if you lost it and also use GPS to locate it, but it also will scan your apps as you install them to make sure they are clean, as well as back up your data.

c:geo - A free program for geocacheing (if your phone has a GPS on it).

ES file explorer - One of the best file managers out there. It also lets your browse files on your home network if you have one.

Homesmack and LauncherPro - The Android interface is pretty good, but you can replace it with a better one. Homesmack lets you replace your default Android interface with one that is more enhanced (no need to Root your phone either). LauncherPro is the one I use and it lets me get more out of my Android phone.

Countdown Widget - This is a widget that you use on your Android Desktop. You put in an event name and date and it will count down the days to that event for you.

QuickPic - If you are not happy with the way that Android’s “Gallery” app works, QuickPic is a great alternative. Its fast and easy to use.

RealCalc - A full featured scientific calculator

Torrent-Fu - Allows you to remote control various Torrent clients from your Android phone. I run the Transmission torrent client on my file server at home and Torrent-Fu works perfectly with it.

UPnPlay - If you are running UPnP on your home network, this will allow you to view or listen to your media files on your phone.

Hope these help.

3G Watchdog–tracks your data usage so you won’t go over your providers cap (get the free version).

Open Table-- allows you to see menus and reviews of local restaurants and make reservations from your phone.

doubleTwist–allows you to sync your iTunes library to your phone.

TiKL–provides push-to-talk ability using your data network.

And another vote for LauncherPro.

If you text a lot I recommend SMS Backup + that saves your sms/mms/call logs to your gmail account.

Go Sms is a better texting app.

I prefer ADW EX over Launcher Pro.

I like my Android Manager Wifi. It seems to be the easiest way I’ve found to manage the Droid X over Wifi.

Does anyone know, if for the Samsung Captivate, there is an application (or even default option) to change the “fully charged” tone? I see plenty of people through a quick Google search wanting to disable the fully charged tone, but I am simply interested in changing it to play a specific .mp3.

Little help?