Just got back from the Grand Canyon

Took BakingWithElectricity and the little Gases to the Grand Canyon and the region for Spring Break. My vacations pix are at www.seigle.net/2007southwest. My favorite shots are of Antelope Canyon (if you just want to go straight to those, http://www.seigle.net/2007southwest/lakepowell.html#antelopecanyon).

Great pictures, beautiful family. It looks like fun, for sure! I’ve lived here 11 years and have yet to visit the Grand Canyon- I definitely need to do that, and soon. Your pictures have inspired me.

Oh, I so want to visit Antelope Canyon and the lesser known slot canyons too! Your great photos are making me green with envy. Looks like you had a great time!

Whoah, pretty sweet! Looks like you guys had a good time checking out all the awesomeness of nature. :smiley:

My wife’s boss moved to Tuscon a few months ago. I don’t know exactly where the house it but they had it custom-built on the side of some hill/mountain somewhere.

How big is Tuscon?

Yeah, a great time. The kids are 8 & 11 and I wasn’t sure how their stamina for trail hikes would be but they really enjoyed the sights and never complained about being tired or bored. They were really engaged the whole trip.

My wife and I did almost the same circuit before we got married; I proposed on Bright Angel Trail. :slight_smile:

That’s a very neat set of photos. It definitely adds to the “places to see if we ever head out west” list.

Tucson is pretty big. And hot. My granny lived there and had a view of Mt. Lemon from her yard.