Just had to call 911 on my idiot neighbour

Here on the west coast (I am in BC) we have a total fire ban because of the tinder dry conditions. The town of Lytton was just completely destroyed in a matter of minutes because of a human caused fire.

So I’m dozing off when I catch the tiniest whiff of smoke which had me flying out of bed and to the window to see if the forest is on fire. No, it’s just the neighbour with a huge backyard fire.

They’re going to have a weenie roast!

I called a few numbers that I could see online to report a fire but it’s for wildfires and forest fires. I just called the local RCMP to ask them and was told to immediately call 911. I called 911 and told them and they said they would send out (I don’t actually remember who she said she was sending out) and after about 8 minutes I could see the flashing lights of the fire chief’s truck.

The neighbours instantly sprung into action trying to put out the fire (which was a good 5 feet high and sparking all over by this time) but ended up causing a huge amount of smoke, like a signal to the fire chief “Here! the idiots are over here!”.

Anyway they ended up pouring water all over it, packing up and going inside. I hope they got fined!

Sheesh, that’s the problem with buying a home - you buy your neighbors, too. Idiots!

Hopefully there’s no retaliation from the neighbours against you.

But better that they get a telling-off from the fire chief and potentially a fine than they set fire to a large section of the Pacific Northwest, get sued for whatever possessions they have left after the neighbourhood burns down, and then go to jail.

Ugh, what a bunch of selfish idiots.

I’m afraid some more selfish idiots will cause forest fires in the western US this weekend by shooting off fireworks.

Shocking that anyone could be so incredibly stupid given the weather we have bee experiencing! May I ask, what part of the BC coast are you located? Lower mainland, Sunshine Coast, North Coast, Vancouver Island…?

Vancouver Island.

There is zero doubt about that. The only questions are, how many, and how big?

I live in the Seattle area so I’ve been experiencing the heatwave too. Who the hell would light a bonfire in this weather? Even at night? (I’m not sure if it was done at night from the OP, though from the “dozing” reference I thought it might be.)