Just how brilliant is Simon's Cat?

I’m sure most cat lovers have heard of Simon’s Cat! If not, I urge you to go here: http://www.simonscat.com/ and enjoy his films.

I absolutely love these films! My cat brought a moth inside to play with last night and it was like she had been watching ‘Fly Guy’. :smiley:

I love them. The one where he’s trying to wake him up… pure catness.

I loved that cartoon! I didn’t realize there were more by him. I had to watch them all. Thanks for the link.

Btw, I am pretty sure the “waking up” one explains why I wake up with bruises.

He just needed to add the bit where the cat gives up trying to directly screw with you to wake up, gets off the bed, finds the noisiest thing in the room, and proceeds to meow at a high rate while making a loud din of noise with said item.

I used to sleep with a water bottle next to the bed to shut him up. I’d squirt his butt until he’d get up on the bed, then I would stop to keep the bed from getting wet, and he’d spend 30 minutes cleaning himself. Strangely, now when I squirt him with water, he comes to me instead of running away…

Damn cats.

I visit Cute Overload just about every day, and that’s where I got exposed to Simon’s Cat. I crack up every time the cat points to his mouth. I’m sure if my kitties were capable of forming a pointytoed paw, they’d do that. As it is, they sit in front of us and holler until we get the point that they can SEE THE BOTTOM OF THEIR FOOD DISH. THEY ARE GONNA STARVE TO DEATH!!! Seriously, if the bottom of the food bowl is not completely covered in cat food, they go into panic mode.

My husband and I sleep in separate beds, in separate rooms, because I snore, loudly, and he needs his sleep. He swears that the cats all wait for his normal time to get up, and then jump into the warm spot on his bed. If he doesn’t get up at the normal time, all three cats bug him. My waking time is nowhere near regular, so the cats don’t bother me about it.

The kitty sub-vocalizations and purrs are right on the nosey. Simon has obviously spent many hours listening closely to his cats.

I visit CuteOverload too, and thats where I first saw the videos. The low key kick off and the awesome sound effects make me love it a lot. The recent one with the fly really cracked me up. I once had a cat who used to do exactly the same thing!

He really does a good job animating the cat. Lots of little touches of very realistic cat moves.

Plus…kitty butt! I don’t know why, but that little dot just makes me smile. :smiley:

I love the one where his cat wants in the room so badly and tries everything possible to get in. Finally, Simon realizes the cat wants in, so he opens the door.

And the cat stares at him instead of walking straight in. :slight_smile:

The only thing to make it better would be if the cat came in, Simon closed the door, and the cat wanted out desperately.

Ah, cats. They just want to be where they aren’t.

Yeah, that bit reminds me of my own cat. We leave the window on the stairway landing ajar, so that she can come and as she pleases. (There’s a bit of sloping roof there, it’s not like we make her jump!).

Her favourite way to mess with our brains is to meow to be let out the backdoor, we let her out, she immediately jumps up to the roof and comes in the stairway landing window, walks down the stairs, to the back door and meows to be let out. Rinse, repeat. Evil.

One of my cats gave me a black eye last week trying to wake me up. He didn’t use a baseball bat though, he used his head. I had felt two cats wrestling behind my back while I was sleeping so I rolled over to see who it was (even though I was pretty sure I knew) and as soon as I rolled to the other side all I had time to see was Pi’s face coming straight at me and WHAM! right in the eye. I curled up in a ball for a while and when I got out of bed and checked myself in the mirror I had a nice bruise below my eyebrow. He has a hard head.

I hadn’t seen The Fly yet. I love the introduction of the clicking noises.

Thanks for the linky. I’m wasting time on youtube watching.