Just in case you haven't had enough bagpipes in your life lately

A lone military piper performed at the end of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh on Saturday:

Bagpipe fans might also be interested in this programme from BBC Radio 3:


Bagpipes in spaaaaaaace (and note the tassels floating)!

Scotty would be proud.


Next, kilts in space… oh, wait… :grimacing:

From New Zealand.

Missed that earlier, very nice, thanks for posting it.

She’s pretty good, even if it’s only grade 2 piping!

(She starts at about 1:10, after warming up, if you want to skip to that.)

How a hymn since it’s Sunday?

If You Could Hie to Kolob

Of course that should read, “How about a hymn since it’s Sunday?”

In honor of Paddy Moloney RIP


Derek Bell will be waiting to play a prank on Paddy, once St. Peter lets him in.

Hey, @Northern_Piper! Welcome back! You have been missed!