Just kidding.

I couldn’t resist.

Don’t mind me, I’m just using your thread to practice replying under a quote as opposed to over

because apparently I’ve been doing it wrong and some find it irritating. May as well practice these as well…

Okay, sorry about that, carry on.

Well, don’t I feel like the asshole.


(Hey, I’m getting good at this - woo hoo!)

Nothing to see here. Move along.


Cuz I fell for it. Even though Hey You said he was just kidding right there in the firggin’ title.

Hey, Happy! Watch the language, please, this is not the Pit.

your humble TubaDiva

What’s the “code” tag do?

The code tag allows you to space things properly:

    It doesn't remove extra spaces        123
    So you can line up columns             45
    Just as an example                  7,890