Just Melvyn, Just Evil

Has anyone seen this documentary of the directors own family? It covers the incest, alcoholism and homelessness of his extended family.

To be polite the vast majority of the family are losers living in trailers or similar with the consequent standard of living that is nothing but existence until the next pay check for booze turns up.

However, this is not set in Alabama or Georgia. It is California. (Not to insult any of the people who live in the South, but they are the areas that get this reputation from what I have seen.)

The really sad part though is the molestation of the babies- - and the girls as they grew up- by the grandfather (Melvyn Just) and other family male members of the family. The brother Jim saw nothing wrong with having sex with his half sisters (he referred to them as step sisters).

Melvyn Just is shown at his nursing home throughout the film. He denies any wrongdoing. The end of the doco is really mystifying.

A truly powerful film but not easy to watch. I felt like having a shower after seeing it.