Just moved to the Quad Cities; what to do?

Last month, a job transfer brought me from Rochester, MN to Moline, Il. I’m getting around OK in Moline and Rock Island to the west, but would appreciate some advice on places to go north of the river. I’ve heard that Iowa City could be fun. Any tips appreciated.

Here are the sorts of things I’m looking for in the Quad Cities/Iowa City area:
Decent places for hanging out that aren’t (A) populated by overly moronic College kids getting into fights (B) Not favorite hangouts of the local drunks. Live music is a plus. A little bit upscale is good, though I’m not looking for a martini bar or something like that.

Anything fun and unique to the area.

Local restaurants/bars that are “can’t miss” quality. I’d like to get a taste for the local scene instead of going to chain restaurants/bars.

Again, any tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Al’s Lounge on the river had these terrific wineburgers: “It was one-third pound of beef with Gallo Port wine liberally applied and served with crinkle-cut fries cooked extra crunchy.”


Unfortunately they’ve shut down.

You could visit the Vale Apartments, where Ronald Reagan lived in the early 1930s. On second thought, it was torn down in 1993.

There’s the historic radio station where Jackmannii worked years ago. Alas, it is off the air.

Sorry, guess there’s nothing left to do in the Quad Cities. :frowning:

Crap. Yeah, downtown Moline is pretty much a ghost town.

I haven’t hung out in the QC in over a decade so I have no idea, but is the District in Rock Island still popular?

I’ve heard some people talk about the District; I think I’ll check it out this weekend. Hopefully more things stayed open there!