Just one more computer question

As I have said before, I am temporarily forced to use and old computer; specifically a Del OptiPlex GX110. Thanks to a gift from a doper, the computer now has 524 Mb of RAM, which is the maximum for this thing. I would like to have a printer for it but don’t know if I can find one. I’d prefer to not have a dot matrix and I’d prefer to avoid ink jet printers, due to the cost of the the damn cartridges.

Is there anything left and where would I look for it? (my sister is gifting me with the money, if it’s reasonable so I’m not looking for a freebie.)

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated.

What OS is the computer running? I could be wrong, but I don’t think the specs of the computer matter as far as printers are concerned, as long as you have a compatible OS and compatible ports on the back (USB)

If you can get a free laserjet printer that’s your cheapest option. Laserjets are more expensive in terms of initial cost, but they are cheaper in terms of long-term toner cost.

The OS is Windows XP Professional with service pack 3; thanks to the donor of the memory sticks, I now have USB 2.0 ports available.

I tried to connect to my sisters do-it-all HP Vivra(?) but couldn’t on the grounds that my computer doesn’t meet the memory requirements.

You should be able to find an old printer driver that will still work. Also, it’s likely you were trying to install all the features, when all you really want is the printer driver. My brand new Canon printer/scanner/copies works with my dad’s old 200Mhz Pentium 2 running Windows 98SE with 128 MBs of RAM (even though I had to use an earlier model number to find a Win98 driver).

If you had more info, we might be able to help you out more.
Vivera seems to be a proprietary type of ink, not the name of a printer. Try finding out the actual model number and looking it up here.