Obsolescent printers-what to do?

I have a couple of printers, an HP C8810 all in one color inkjet, and a Brother laser, that are compatible with Windows 2000, XP, & Vista. I have only one working computer that runs on XP so can use them with it, but I’ll be phasing out usage of that laptop.

I have a newer HP C349 all-in-one printer and two laptops that run on W7, so I’m still “in business”.

Are the other two upgradable or what can be done with them when I give up my XP laptop that is more productive than turning them into a recycling location?

Why can’t you still use them on the Windows7 PCs? Are they parallel port printers, or something?

I just inserted the HP C8810 driver cd into this HP Pavilion dv7-4065dx running W7 and I get

"The operating system on this computer is not supported. The installation cannot continue until this is resolved.

Current OS: 601.64

Supported: Windows 2000, XP, XP 64 bit, Vista, Vista 64 bit

Action required: Click Cancel to exit this software installaion. Install this software on a computer that is running one of the supported Microsoft operating systems or refer to your computer’s documentation for information on upgrading your computer’s operating system."

It’s not the computer that needs upgrading, it’s the printer.

The Geto Boys have the answer.

Have you tried looking on HP’s website? Actually, I’ve looked at HP’s website and I can’t spot a C8810 - are you sure it isn’t called something else? They’re usually Deskjet something or Officejet something.

Sorry. HP Photosmart C8180. I’m on a home WiFi setup if that matters but it shouldn’t.

Ive got to get to bed. Back tomorrow night.

You should be able to download the driver from here. Dumb question, but did you try just plugging in the printers to the laptops? They may already contain the drivers.

Windows 7 drivers are available on HP’s website.

I understand the OP’s frustration. I’ve got a couple of printers (an HP and a Canon) that work just fine under everything up to XP. But they are unsupported under Win7, and as I understand, there are no plans to write a Win7 driver for them. If you look at the HP support forums, you’ll find a lot of frustration at the fact that older printers are not supported under Win7.

ETA: I believe HP lists its printers that are deliberately unsupported under Win7. I cannot remember exactly where, but if you poke around its support website long enough, you should eventually find it. That will tell you for sure if your HP printer is unsupported, and that it is not something planned for the future.

If you can’t use them, you could take them to a school in one of the poorer sections in your town. If they can’t use them, you could try someplace like the Salvation Army. There’s bound to be somebody who’d be grateful to have them.