Win 10 Printer Question

2 Questions:
Does anybody know if I can run Printer Dell AIO under Windows 10? Mine doesn’t work after the last update.
I thinking about buying a Canon PIXMA MG3620, Is it a decent printer? Will it work under Win 10?
Thanks for your help!

I think any printer will work. I have a HP printer with my Win 10. You may need to update the printer’s driver.

A lot of printer’s stopped working under Win7, nevermind W10 (I have a couple including a Dell AIO type). Sometimes you can just print, but lose scanning and diagnostics.

There are rarely driver updates for slightly older consumer printers. And installing older drivers in compatibility mode is very hit or miss.

The OP needs either an expert tech to help out or a new printer.

The info on Canon’s site regarding the MG3620 is interesting - on the one hand, it says the printer is compatible with Win10:

But the footnote says:

In all honesty, I imagine this will be because the document was written before, or very early in the release cycle of Windows 10, so they felt they had to add a disclaimer. Generally, if something is officially supported on Windows 8, it’s going to work in Windows 10.
If you want a written guarantee of compatibility with Win10, this isn’t the printer.

Thanks all!
I decided to purchase a HP AIO Desk-jet 2130 recommended by Dell. Compatible with Win 10. (So they say) I haven’t received it yet so I don’t know if it’s going to work for me.