Anyone else lose their ability to print after upgrading to Windows 10?

**The overview: **
Two laptops and one desktop. All three recently upgraded to Windows 10. The desktop prints without any fiddling around. I can’t get either laptop to print. Both printed fine before the upgrade.

The setup:
Laptops connect to desktop via wifi. The desktop is hard-wired to the printer. The printer does not have Bluetooth (it is an HP Laserjet).

What I’ve done with the laptops:
Uninstalled and re-installed the printer. Updated the drivers. Deleted then re-created the home sharing network.

More info:
The laptops ‘see’ the printer. When sending a test print page I get an error message telling me to install the driver, which I have done three times.

All machines have been re-booted a few times.

Any thoughts?

Try plugging the printer into each laptop directly (that is, via USB) which should install the necessary drivers. Run a test page to confirm it’s working. Then reconnect using your original shared setup and see if that does the trick.

If that doesn’t work, can you post the exact message and which model printer you’re using?

I have had trouble with older printers, Windows 10 seems to be replacing their drivers with a more universal driver that changes long-standing defaults and causes various problems. If the printer is an HP, here is their Windows 10 troubleshooting page.

Yes, I lost the ability to print after upgrading to Windows 10. Reinstalling the printers (a couple times in one case) got things going again.

Much the same. I had to download and install a new printer driver. However, this was trivially easy, and the printer manufacturer had laid out all the steps on their web site. Easy as falling off a Hepplewhite divan.

Thanks for all the replies. I’m gonna be tied up for a few days but I will post again once I have some time to twiddle the knobs.