Just Say "Know"... to Crack!

I just got a new Mac G4 for my living room, and for some stupid reason, purchased The Sims to go with it. I’ve discovered that The Sims is as addictive as crack. Possibly more addictive than crack. I haven’t spoken to my dog in three days…

Then it occured to me, there are a lot of non-drugs that are just like crack: you won’t stop until it kills you. So, I’ll share my running list of “Things that are addictive as crack” if you share yours! The only ground rule: you cannot include any known addictive drug to your list: no nicotine, no alcohol, no weed, etc.

Dogzilla’s Crack Substitutes:

  • The Sims and any other Sim game
  • SDMB, of course!
  • Caramel/toffee popcorn, especially with nuts.
  • pistachios
  • sushi from the new Sushi bars at Publix
  • Crack-'em-on-the-counter Cinnamon Rolls

I’ll think of more, once I see some other posts!

The Sims definitely.
The Straight Dope.
These little dumplings that they serve at this Chinese restaurant i like- and those little shrimp balls I had at another place. Gosh i wish i was eating them RIGHT NOW. Ahh…
Things made from chocolate.
Saturday Night Live (when they do a marathon, you can’t watch just one).
Books by SK.
Sherlock Holmes Mysteries.

  • white cheddar cheese popcorn
  • downloading mp3s from Napster… or your download site of choice, as it were these days.
  • Sleep, or anything that induces sleep!
  1. http://www.popcap.com (that diamond game)
  2. snood for windows (unless you have a mac)
  3. SDMB
  4. Cthugha
  5. Sim City
  6. Napster

No one’s mentioned sex yet…:smiley:

Because if somethings truly addictive, you can never get enough of it, you always want more. After I have sex, I have absolutely no interest in having more for several minutes afterwards.