Just so you know, my dear Americans.

We’re thinking of you, here in Europe. What with productivity in the US being almost naught now, I thought I’d aid the American Economy a bit. If politics puts your country to a stop, the least us EuroTrash can do is help you out. I mean, yous guys have helped us out before too.

So, here I am, behind my PC (which is probably 100% Asian, of course). I’m listening to the Tea Party (OK, they’re Canadian. Not all is perfect.), but I am currently opening a brand spanking new bottle of:

Jack Daniels Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey

Hot damn. I love this stuff. Nice li’l nightcap. Or maybe two, who knows, I’m not nearly tired.

Down she goes… AAHHHH!!

God bless the United States of America. Or at the very least, Tennessee :smiley:

Slainthe, my friends.

Drink one for me, Coldfire. It’s margaritas for me tonight.

BTW, I talked to my Grampa over Thanksgiving, and he was very moved by your words about remembering WWII - he said to thank you for them, and he’ll be passing them around to his fellow vets. How’s that for a hijack?

Eh. Jack Daniels is alright, I guess. I prefer Russian vodka, although any kind of alcohol is pretty hard for someone underage to acquire. (Not really because it’s illegal, more because it costs money).

Anyways, have fun getting smashed, Clog boy.

That’s the nicest hijack possible, magdalene!
Did you print the thread out, or just tell him about it?

Alright, this one’s for your Grampa then. Bottoms up!

The Jack Daniels distillery is only a 30 minute drive from Osips house! If Coldfire ever gets state side, drop by and Osip will take Coldfire there for a wonderful all expense paid tour!


But you must remember, mr. third-person, that it’s in a dry county, so you can’t swallow. Really.

Since when is our productivity “almosy naught?” Do you have some impression, gained, no doubt, from CNN, that we CARE about this election? If we did, more people would have voted.

sorry to break it to you coldy, ever since Nafta they’ve been making JD in Mexico.

Try some Makers Mark or Jim Beam.

or better yet Woodford.mmmm

:::beams fondly:::

That is just so dear, Coldy! But you do realize this is how it starts, right?

Pretty soon you’ll have a mounted gunrack and a ‘coon tail flyin’ from the aerial of thet there Poo-joe.

(Lessee, jeans? check. Rock & roll? check. Trash-talk slang? two checks…he’s on the slippery slope downward!)


Scratchie, jesteth thou?

My bottle says Lynchburg Tennessee all over. Not a single mention of Mexico. Maybe they make the export stuff at the old distillery?

And no one be messin’ with mah here Poo-joe, Vebs :wink:

Yes but Osip and Coldie clogs can always retreat to Alabama to get pissing drunk on JD’s finest.

Well Coldy, they interupted (sp) my football game, you can read more about it here:

Bullshit CBS you suck donkey testicles so you can get an idea about what I think of the whole election thing…

< snagging another beer and about to write an email to my local CBS station >

Nope. It’s made in Mexico. One of the provisions of Nafta. Just like you can buy stuff that says made in the US that was actualy made in Mariana, you can buy whiskey from Mexico that says Lynchburg TN.
sorry to break it to you.

Coldfire here’s looking up your old address buddy!

I dunno, oldscratch, the JD site is pretty specific on that point:


Given that it’s the corporate site, I’m suprised that no one has called them on the “only in TN” claim by now. Do you have any cites to back up your statement?

In the meantime, Coldy, I’d guess you can keep on sippin’ in comfort. Not that you exactly need encouragement, mind!

And don’t look out the window. I’m having a little trouble fitting the gun rack to the Poo-joe. (Gun racks don’t come in metric.)


easy TVeblen. Do a search on google. You’ll find over 1900 sites with the words Jack Daniels and Mexico in them. I’m sure one of them can provide you the info you need.
and Southern Comfort has been a product of Guatamala for about 15 years now.

Hey, Coldie, just stay away from the Green Label **Jack Spaniels[/b[ and you’ll be all right.



Thanks, oldscratch, but I already did the search on Google…and followed it up on AltaVista and Dogpile. There were plenty of hits, but I didn’t see any that contradicted the corporate claim. No, I didn’t plow through all the few thousand-odd citations. Somehow, I dunno, time available interferred.

I did find something passingly credible–and cited it openly–that called your allegation into question. I’m not doing your research for you, pal. Your contention, you back it up. Don’t bust my chops for providing a civil caveat. You got proof; credible, authoritative proof? Fine, then research it and post it.

In the meantime, don’t waste my time–or that of posters reading this.


Are my attempts at humor that confusing? excellent.

I would have thought the crack about SoCo in guatamala would have given it away.

never assume anyone understands the joke. :wink: