Just some old pocket change

Not counting any special keepsakes, what is the oldest coin you have in your pocket right now?
American five cent piece-1961.

As soon as I get home I put any change into the change bucket. So basically I only have change two days a week, and I never look at it between the time it goes into my pocket and when it comes out.

Out of the five coins in my pocket right now (2 quarters, 2 pennies, and 1 dime) the dime is oldest - looks like 1968. One of the quarters is 1977 and one of the pennies is 1982.

1978 Canadian 10 cent piece. Go Bluenose!

I’m too old to read the dates anymore.

None. I hate coins and regularly pay with a debit card, so coins are rarely in my pocket.

A 1978 penny.

A 1996 Canadian toonie: two of them in fact. Two toonies. But yea some of those dates are hard to read, particularly on dimes.


I was specifically told the internet had a “no pants required” policy.

1967 US Quarter.

No kidding. I had to get my phone out and do a 4x zoom with the camera before I could read that dime!

Just a 1990 U.S. penny.

1990 CDN Loon.

A week or so ago I counted out 5 quarters for a $1.25 muffin. Then I looked and it looked like 4 quarters so I put in another. When the cashier called out that I had overpayed, I was already at the stairs so I said keep it. She said, “are you sure? One is a 1958”. Lucky her!

A surprising 1967 dime.

Okay, I’m wearing pants now. You can open your eyes.

I also retrieved the change I had in yesterday’s pants. $1.03: two quarters, four dimes, two nickels, and three pennies. The oldest is a 1966 nickel, which is in good condition for a fifty year old coin. The youngest and the most interesting is a 2014 quarter, which is part of the National Park commemorative series and features the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado.

Or a Doonie, as they say up north.

The OLDest coin I have in my pockets today is a 1978 US quarter. The ODDest coin I have is a Canadian nickel from 1979. I’m in the southeastern United States, how in the ever-loving blue-eyed blazes did a Canadian nickel end up in my pockets?!!

1993 uk 2p. We keep our non-coppers fresh…

A 1960-D penny.

My newest coin was a shiny 2015 dime. Or is that a different thread?

A single coin, an Australian $1 - 2015