Just trying fonts & colors

default font
arial font
times font
courier font
century font
large crimson
huge red
huge again
huge and orange-red. Re-select with new line.

Hooray for preview, this would have taken a lot of messages without it.

bold, huge, red
italic,bold, huge, red

Test bump.

I replied to my bladder thread in MPSIMS and it’s still languishing on page three even with a fresh post.

Well that worked just fine.

Can we dispatch a technician to page three of MPSIMS?

Cancel that dispatch. Somebody else’s bump worked.

(Hey, shush, Attrayant! You know they frown on bumps around here, mate! T’wasn’t that --t’was an answer to your question, just provision of information!) :smiley:

Odd thing, though – why your post before mine didn’t seem to make a difference where the thread was positioned at all. :confused: