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sometimes i just want to vent and this looks like a good place to do that . . .at least it is quiet and peaceful here . … i was driving home in the rain tonight and i noticed that a lot of people were driving with just their running lights on . . like i can really see them well with those things on … is it a new fad . . am i not cool because i use my headlights to their full potential or what … .is there an answer

The Hag

First off this isn’t the place to vent, use the BBQ pit and don’t waste space here!!!

If you had bother to read the heading it says comments to Cecils posts!

Now as for the running lights. First people typically don’t turn their lights on their brightest setting so you can see them, its so they can see. As much as you’d like to think the world reveloves around you, but no. The reason to use just the running lights in the early evening and especially during rain and snow is because the water and snow droplet/flakes reflect and refract the light and make it more difficult to see any distance in front of you. Also they are making it easier for you to, because oncoming lights especially brights in the rain make it very difficult for oncoming traffic to see far infront of them. If you want to see it for yourself, try driving on a deserted road where you aren’t driving into the teeth of several lights and washed out under street lights on a rainy day and turn on you brights, then your dims. I assure you the reflection will make life real difficult.

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This thread has nothing to do with one of Cecil’s columns, so I’m closing it. You could post this in General Questions or MPSIMS, depending on whether you really want an answer (in which case GQ), or you just want to kvetch (in which case MPSIMS).