Just wannano, since your other thread was closed

It’s actually www.rawa.org.

These women are the real Freedom Fighters.

(Those other guys just earned the name by fightin’ freedom wherever it reared it’s ugly head.)

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I think, on careful reflection, that in this instance that’s a risk I’d be prepared to take :wink:
– Quirm

Sorry, I don’t fall into that category. :slight_smile:

I find it rather hypocritical for someone sitting in a free, prosperous, and secure country to pass judgement over the internet on how the victims of almost incomprehensible oppression aren’t doing enough to thwart their oppressors.

Well this just sucks!

In the last two Pit threads I have started, neither of the accused have come to answer to the charges, assholes.


Oh well, other people are having fun, I guess that will suffice.

Start somethin’ with me, techchick68, I’ll give ya what fer!