Just want to brag about my new computer stuff!!

I just got a Geforce4TI 4200 and a Soundblaster Audigy soundcard today. HOLY SHIT this crap rocks!!. I bought the creative 5.1 speaker system to go with it too. I replaced an ATI 64MB DDR VIVO and Soundblaster Live Value.

This new GeForce can run Jedi Outcast II, Wolfenstien, both at maximum settings at 1600x1200 without even batting an eye!! I almost shit myself when I heard a lightsabre duel coming thru in 5.1 with EAX HD pumpingout of my audigy. VERY Awsome!!

I highly suggest the new GeForce TI series cards. I got the lowest one of the bunch and it still ownz. I cant imagine that the 4600 could look any better. Dont waste your money on one of those 400 series cards though. They are junk. Get a 4000 series for max pleasure!!

For those that care (If any do) my system no goes as follows:

P3 850
17" Sony Trinitron Monitor
Visiontek GeForce 4 TI 4200
Soundblaster Audigy MP3+
Lots o porn
Lots o music
Lots more porn.

Damn it. Another good word about the audigy.

I suppose I’ll have to break down and get one.

Thanks alot Phlip.

Where the hell is a “jealous” smiley when you need one?

Enjoy the new goodies, Phlip. I know how much I enjoy my GF3 Ti, so I can imagine how awesome the GF4 Ti must be. I’m still using a SB Live! sound card, but I keep hearing so much good stuff about the Audigy that I may be forced to get one soon.

Yeah? Well, can it turn a potato into French Fries in less than five seconds?