Just wanted to say Hi

I just wanted to post a thread about how much I miss my best friend Mary. Shes a beautiful red heared blue eyed girl. Shes also one of the coolest girls Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. We used to hang out all the time but now shes married and her husband doesnt like me. So we cant hang out anymore. Well, I know she visits these message boards as much as me so…Mary, if you get this post a reply. I miss ya.

Sentimental… hope she replies.

Why does her husband get to tell her what to do?

And also, I hope your friend gets that messege. She obviously means a lot to you.

Oof. Marriages with the “I don’t want you having male/female friends” curse… does good ever come of it? Of course, this is just one glimpse of the story from your eyes, so it could be that I’m missing the history behind it all, and maybe there’s a good reason.

Not saying that faithfulness is an issue here, but it just made me think off on a tangent for a bit.

Trust’s a funny thing. People say you have to earn trust, but I’ve always found that it’s usually just that the other person has to avoid losing trust. Even if I forgive someone for a transgression, the fact is that it happened, and so… what counters that? Love? Nope (not to be cynical at all, but love does not equal fidelity or trustworthiness… I’ve shafted and been shafted by people who I loved, and who loved me dearly too).

Really, when it comes down to it, I suppose the only thing that gets past a transgression will be the same thing not happening for a long, long while…

Hi back. I miss you too. And hopefully when things calm down a bit and the husband is in a better state of mind, our friendship can resume again. The history that you people are missing is that my husband is in the military and has been gone for seven months and is just alittle freaked out about men in my life while he was gone. Truth is he has known Daniel longer than I have and they used to be “friends”…he will get over his insecurity in time and I will respect his wishes for now because I understand it must be hard in his line of work. But I truly adore Daniel. He is one of the best people I have ever known. One of the best people my husband has ever known. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s wonderful on so many levels…too many to mention them all here. Daniel, no time or distance ruins friendship, you are in my mind and in my heart always, no matter how much time lapses inbetween. You have a permanent camp set up and you will always be with me. I’ve learned so much from you and grown so much with you. Thank you for every moment.

Ok, well now I feel better. Those kinds of words could make anyone feel better, thanks. Funny seeing you at the change of command today. Its been way too long. Cant wait for things to settle down so we can go out and have some fun. Definately miss our runs around the block. So thanks for the kind words and making me look good here…haha. Tallk to you soon, whether its here or otherwise.

Yeah…I didn’t recognize you at first. I’ve never seen you in uniform before and by the time I realized it was you, I had been checking you out for far too long:) so I thought it best to just turn around, sorry if it seemed rude. I didn’t see you leave though, I was looking for you…must have slipped out under my radar because I doubt that I was just too captivated by Thomas’s speech to notice. Now THAT guy is long winded! Oh, and by the way…you’re not fat:) (I don’t know how to make the cutesy little smiley faces so my prehistoric ones will have to do) Talk to you later…

So you thought you were checking out some other hot guy? JK. Yeah not only is he long winded but hes the biggest jerk I know. This is turning out to be a pretty legitimate way to communicate. Not as good as the old fashioned telephone but Ill take what I can get. I also saw you this morning when you were dropping “him” off at work. I was gonna honk but I thought that would have been a bad idea. Well I hope your day goes well and Ill be waiting for your next exciting installment here on the SD.
bu bye.

Actually yes…I thought I was checking out some other hot guy. No joke. And is Thomas really THAT bad? Everyone says he is, I just haven’t ever seen it. He hides it well, I suppose.
I bet I looked great this morning, just rolled out, hair all mussed up, greaaat. I must not remember what your car looks like 'cause I had my eye out and I never saw you. That’s two times now. Well, I’ll talk to you soon…I have errands to run…

There…is that better???

Hell yeah its better!