Just what CAN/WILL Obama do on immigration?

He has been trying to bring down expectations, but in 2012 he basically did the DREAM act by executive action.

Brat’s defeat of Cantor in Pennsylvania has thrown a scare into Congressional Pubs; they can’t afford to look soft on immigration. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce can push them all it likes, but they will do nothing on immigration reform until after the midterms and possibly not until after the 2016 elections. Anything that gets done will be by executive order.

I think it’s up to us more than Obama. We can look at those flag-waving bigots who blocked buses of frightened children at the border and hurled obscenities and hate at them and we can say “this is not who we are and this is not what our flag stands for” or we can let the lunatics run the asylum. Popular pressure is going to drive meaningful change, not a president whose opposition party has sworn to never work with on any issue.

And the people blocking those buses aren’t “popular pressure”?

The reality is that while the public wants to do the humane thing with current illegals, they want LESS immigration in the future than we have now, and strict border control afterwards. There is no proposed legislation that would legalize the people who are streaming across the border right now. BOth Democrats and Republicans, reformers and those opposed to reform, agree that anyone who has come since 2011 must be deported.

The people blocking the buses are the scum of the earth, an inflamed and fetid boil in the armpit of Satan.

Much like the people who interfere with border control.

Right, i was mostly wondering what exactly Obama has the power to do. He basically gave amnesty to dreamers (halted deportations + granted them work permits) which makes immigration advocates believe he can do that for everyone. While the white house seems to have taken a “i’ll see what i can do but don’t get your hopes up too high” tone.

Other than coyotes, who does that and how?

200-300 people out of a city of 100,000, and of a much larger metro area, is “popular pressure”?

Cantor lost in Pennsylvania too? That guy just can’t get a break.

I wonder what would be good enough for the haters. No illegal crossings? Raids on businesses? Detention camps?

Marketplace had a story yesterday about those who overstay their visas. Featured was an illegal immigrant from Canada. He said that he gets treated a lot better than his fellow immigrants from south of the border. I think they said there are an estimated 4 million visa overstayers in the US.

The lack of outrage over them speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

How about we establish rules like Mexico does and enforce them? Check out articles #9 and #32. Do you think you could illegally enter Mexico and they would give you welfare, and drivers license or a voter registration card?

Not wanting our country to be invaded and having immigrants come here in in the established lawful manner does not make a person a bigot. Immigration is a good thing. Illegal immigration is a pathway to destruction of our own heritage and economic well-being.

The reason is the perception of Canadians is different than the perception of Mexicans.

. . . has nothing to do with immigration.

If the immigration-pressure were coming from Canada instead of Mexico – all other factors including crime, drugs and poverty being equal – none of this would be much of an issue, and the Minutemen would not exist.

Mexico periodically has programs to “regularize” illegals living in that country. Once a Guatemalan, etc., is regularized in Mexico, they have all of the same rights as any other legal foreign resident.

Meanwhile in the U.S.A., we DON’T knowingly give voter registration cards to illegals, nor are they eligible for most forms of welfare. (The few states that give drivers’ licenses to illegals do so because they’d rather have licensed and insured drivers on the road.)

Our economic well-being to some extent DEPENDS upon a supply of low-paid workers from abroad. The very reason illegals come here is because American employers will hire them. Most of those employers know very well that they are hiring illegals; it’s part of the business plan. If the employers would not hire them, they would not come.

Now what happens to those businesses if the supply of illegals dries up? As several states have learned to their cost, driving away illegals usually results in crops rotting in the fields. If we didn’t have lots of imported labor working in the fields and processing/packing plants, the price of food would be significantly higher, just to name one example, and food inflation doesn’t usually contribute to economic health.

Whether you agree that this situation is desirable or not, it IS the situation in which the U.S. finds itself.

Oh, and what is this “our own heritage” you speak of, if not that created by the fusion of immigrant cultures?

Oh, “Pennsylvania” and “Virginia” are variant names for the same place. You know, like Holland and the Netherlands, or Persia and Iran, or China and Japan.

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Not wanting our country to be invaded . . .

If I enter your house illegally one might refer to it as a home invasion. Mexicans and those from other Central America nations are engaging in a form of invasion.
There are legal channels to enter this country (as there ought to be. I’m not suggesting blocking legal immigration). The border needs to be secured and those who came here as adults illegally need to go. They are an insult to immigrants that came here legally.

And I find it disgusting that the left doesn’t seem to mind illegals being paid slave wages but everyone else they want a $15 minimum wage.

At least they’re both Commonwealths.

I’m sure you find plenty of nonexistent things disgusting. So far as I can tell, the people who don’t mind people (they are not “illegals”) being paid slave wages are universally on the right end of the political spectrum.

It most certainly is illegal to enter this country without proper authorization. You can sugar coat it all you want but they are here illegally.

At what point do even you say enough? 50 million? 100 million? 1 billion illegal immigrants? Legally or illegally not everyone can come here.