Just when you thought it would be only once in 1960 for 20minutes . . .

An unmanned visit to Challenger Deep this week.

Don’t have much to say about it except that the only reason I even know what Challenger Deep is is because it used to be a favorite reference here on the SDMB.

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I had searched “Challenger Deep” - no results - rather than “Mariana Trench”.

But you have to stuff up the original post. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

I was watching a show about the previous expedition just a day or so ago. One of the explorers spoke of reaching the bottom but then hearing a loud “pop”, thus necessitating their departure. When he said “but we only got to stay for 20 minutes” I had to laugh thanks to, of course, the sdmb.

I’ve often wondered about the water pressure at that depth. According to Wikipedia it is about 109 Megapascals or about 1,075 times greater than atmospheric pressure. :eek:
That could explain the crack in the window.