Just wondering about something (maybe TMI)

I was wondering, with all the discussions there have been about sex and being sure to protect yourselves, I’m forced to wonder, what about oral sex? People usually engage in oral sex before they make the final step to having intercourse in a relationship. Isn’t it just as easy to contract an STD through giving and receiving oral sex as it is through having intercourse? But I never hear about people wearing condoms for oral sex. So what’s the deal?

Try a google search on ‘Dental Dams’. Or just search the archives. There’s been some good discussions on them.

SDStaff member Jill discussed this and many other HIV-related issues in this staff report:

There are lots of more knowledgeable Dopers who I’m sure will be along shortly, but in brief, many people do use condoms for oral sex.

Well, there has been a big discussion hear and a lot of women said that they swallow. I’d assume that if you weren’t sure about your partners history and disease record, swallowing would be the worst possible thing you could do.

IAMA doctor, but from what I know HIV transmission is unlikely from oral sex… unless the person giving has a cut (or canker) in their mouth, and the other person has a cut on their genitalia.

HOWEVER… some other diseases CAN be transmitted through oral sex. Most people don’t use condoms. But I have also met a few who do (yes I discuss things like this with my friends…).

And I must disagree when you say “most people usually engage in oral sex before they make the final step.” Probably almost half the girls I know absolutly refuse to perform oral sex. Many who are willing are those who hook up with more guys, but don’t want to have sex with all of them.

Re-reading my post, I don’t mean to insult girls who do perform oral sex. I am just saying some use it with guys they know less in lieu of “penetration” sex…

Also, some good info on oral sex and STDs can be had here:

I don’t need you guys to link me information to medical sites or anything. It was honestly just a random thing I thought of. I mean, it’s not like I desperately need to know. I doubt I’ll be getting to have any sexual experience for years. :frowning:

I always assumed (just a WAG really) that you could catch something from oral sex and that the strawberry (and other) flavoured condoms existed in order to use them for oral sex.

And from what I understand, swallowing doesn’t make it any more risky. It’s really the exposure of bodily fluids to the sensitive tissues of the mouth, especially if you have mouth sores or wounds.

And SuperNova, you need to find a better class of girls. :wink:

Trust me, I know… :rolleyes: