Justice - "†"

Who else is dude-jamming this record?

Justice are being hyped as “the new Daft Punk.” I understand where the sentiment comes from - they’re doing super-accessible french electro-house music that incorporates a lot of familiar and nostalgic filtered-out samples. But Justice’s whole aesthetic of distortion and fuzz sets them apart; almost every last sound is somehow distorted and squelched out, and the beats pump and breathe all over the mix. This has led a bunch of people to erroneously say that they’re using “distorted guitars” and a “rock influence,” but I think it’s just taking Daft Punk’s “synths through stompboxes” approach to the next level.

The album is pretty hot; some of the straight-up club bangers are certainly booty-worthy, but right when you think it’s just a dance record they drop the proggy Goblin samples from one of their Dario Argento soundtracks into the middle of the amazing two-part “Phantom.” I also love how a Three Six Mafia party rap is later reinterpreted as a weirdly plaintive and wistful interlude over floating synths.

Stream that shiiiiiiiiiiiit from their myspace page!

Wow. It would be difficult for me to hate that any more than I already do.


I’m not sure. I find the sound and production to be very digital and annoying. Almost over-loud, but not precisely, if that makes any sense. The beats (from the limited sample I just heard) are standard and fairly uninteresting (in fact, I think I heard some flat-out ripped-off NIN beats in there…like, from their first album.) The vocals don’t do ANYTHING for me.

But meh, I hate Daft Punk too.

Hahahaha. Just a tip - when you talk about dance music production, NIN is never an immediate reference, but a tertiary one at best. I mean, you just don’t say “that sounds like NIN beats.”

Try not to be such a condescending snot, m’kay? It’s entirely possible (even likely, considering how long I’ve been a musician,) that I may know a thing or two about this stuff. I wasn’t trying to make a general comparison between “NIN beats” and what I’m hearing by Justice. Rather, I was trying to draw a specific comparison between the beat in “DANCE” and a beat used pretty extensively in NIN’s music (the 4/4 “bass thump, followed by a reversed snare.”)

I’m not really a Trent Reznor fan, but that particular beat (which, granted, has become standardized and rather trite itself) sounds as if it might have been lifted directly.

Although, now that I think about it, it would take me about 15 seconds in Fruity Loops to do the same thing, so again, meh. Not very interesting music.

It’s just funny using NIN of all bands as a primary reference like that; it’s like someone listening to the Velvet Underground and saying, “You know, that one song kind of sounds like Matchbox 20, but then the other one has a sort of Gin Blossoms vibe.”