JWD - Jewish Watchdog; extremists?

While verifying if there was any shred of truth to an obviously Holocaust-revisionist site , I found by Google backlinks the Jewish Watchdog website (located in Saskatchewan!!).

Now, with all the obviously condemnable websites such as Jack Chick listed, there seems to be a bunch of not-so-horrible sites mixed in… In particular, if you look at the “Evangelical/messianic Alerts” (archives) the comments are pretty corrosives (even with the disclaimer…):

"Whichever of them is Jewish is nothing but a traitor "
“We definately rank this one as a very dangerous and damming site.”
“Please remember rooting out Messianics is as imoportant as the other work we do”
“This truly is a disturbing site and Rabbi Eckstein a disturbing man who will soon grace the ‘dangerous people’ page.”
“Messianic Rabbi Loren Jacobs uses this email address to try and convert Jews over to the darkside…”

And Jimmy Carter is listed as a “Dangerous People”??

I’m an atheist so I don’t much care about the “My God is better than your God” but… Is this website considered “ok” and credible by the Jewish community? Is everything listed there really so dangerous to Jews? Doesn’t it promote the same kind of intolerance that got us in trouble before?

Looking over your quote excerpts, I am moved only to say that:

There are crackpots and bizarros among every religious group and sect in existence.

Some of them have websites.
Jimmy Carter is, indeed, a very very very Dangerous People. It is written.

And you better watch your step, buster. :smiley:

Jackmannii for President (now that Gore is out of the race!) :smiley:

One member of “the Jewish Community” (whatever that means) speaking here.

A website like this is an embarrasment - both for the “quality” of the presentation and the stupidity of material presented.


You said it!

Considering that it includes racist phrasing in its “anti-Israel” section, well, what can I say?

“The Arabs will stop at nothing to smear the Israelis and they do it well.” Ah yes, it all makes sense now. I’ve got to go apply an eyewash after looking at that page.

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