What is really Happening

If you want to see what the news won’t show you click this link:


:dubious: Dubious site. No background on the site such as “Who we are.” At least I could not quickly find any. Also, very tiny print. I often use a notebook & don’t appreciate that. They also have a gripe with PayPal. Any more info. on founder or some more background on who’s running this site? :confused:

The site seems somewhat anti-Semitic, to say the least.

Another :dubious: here.

And off we go to MPSIMS, at least for now.

I’d say so, ivylass. This is from a link on their main page. :eek:

But it says “liberty” in the URL. Not agreeing with them is unAmerican. You should be arrested for treason.

Ooooooohhhhhh boy.

Under what rock do these slugs come from?