Am I gullible or is this for real??

Hi everyone, I was just cruising random links and I got to this page:

Is this for real or is it some kind of humourous take on Christianity? Sadly enough I’m finding it hard to tell the difference…on one hand articles such as those on Harry Potter and Yoga seem pretty far out, but on the other hand I don’t see any kind of disclaimer, anywhere.

Can anyone clear this up for me?

Sadly, I think it’s serious (but I hope not). I was hoping it was going to be another Landover Baptist, which is definitely satire and worth a few laughs.


Those people sounds serious, but from my experiences there are such deluded people out there who think that they are right.

BTW, this is for real too

Christian Gamer’s Guild

(Just to balance the extremism of the first website…)

It’s as real as the guy with the card table outside the Post Office distributing Lyndon LaRouche media.



That’s one scary site. I’m surprised they didn’t include LotR in their list of Evil things to watch out for.

OMG! These people are unbelievable. I hate people with no religious tolerance. It’s fine to believe whatever you’d like, but it’s unacceptable (IMHO) to desparage the beliefs of others. Makes me sick.

Unless you see some sort of disclaimer on the page, it’s probably for real.

There are very few disclaimers on religiously-based pages.

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Tell that to the creator of this page here:

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I’ll have to check that EvilExposed page again. Wouldn’t surprise me if they also hate gays and lesbians.


lol i was expecting…
“I got this email from a Nigerian business man…”

I also suspect that the authors of the site take themselves seriouly.
It was some fellas just like this who turned me on to the joys of heavy metal music when I was a munchkin. I never thanked them.

SimonX- Check out their section on Martial Arts… much funny.

Do you know what the “C” stands for in YMCA? Yep, it stands for “Christian”. And yet they offer yoga classes. Guess they’re just misguided.:rolleyes:

That’s as bad as

Truth is often stranger than fiction - yes, these sites are serious.

The Martial Arts are Witchcraft?!?!?!?

But I swear that’s not my real nose. It’s a carrot and string that they tied on me with the white belt…

Oh, and the Martial Arts are Violent. We can’t go around defending ourselves or anything, because people get hurt.

I think they’re serious. Not to mention, seriously ignorant. A Tau cross is the same as a swastika? Allah is a sun god who married a moon goddess? :rolleyes: Please.

These people are even seriously down on meditation.

Well thanks for clearing that one up guys, looks like a universal vote for real and therefore ‘slightly scary’ to say the least.

Lobsang…Isle of Man, yeah! hmmmm Isle of Man dopefest? :slight_smile:

Haven’t checked out the Martial Arts section, but as a Martial Arts Instructor in training I’m sure I will find it interesting…

Just wanted to point out, LotR (the books) are considered to have a lot of Christian references in them. A lot of people within the Christian community see them as an interesting study, or something. I, being a loser, haven’t read them.

Notice two things:

And then, Lynne kilii’s sig line.
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I love the SDMB.