K9 cataract surgery

I have a cocker spaniel who was just diagnosed with cataracts yesterday. I think this is common in her breed.

I also know that cataract surgery is usually hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, so it’s kind of out of the question, unless…

Are there any animal insurance plans that pay for cataract surgery (I live in Oregon, if that makes a difference) ? She’s about 7, and from what I saw on line, insurance companies usually have a limit of 8 years. Also, a lot won’t cover things like cataract surgery, but then that means that there are some that will.

Or, are there any grants for, or charitable organizations that help with this sort of thing?

Yes, I know, dogs don’t get bummed out over this sort of thing, she’ll adjust just fine. But still, I’d like to do something if I could.

Anyway, thanks in advance.