Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-thunk.

So here’s the story. This slot machine is paying off big time, with no risk to the player. Paying off ten to one, for og’s sake. Gamblers are finally getting back some of their own at a casino. And what does this woman say? Excuse me, but I’m making too much money; there’s something wrong with this machine. Yes, yes, very noble and ethical and honest. . .but. . .IT’S A CASINO, YOU NITWIT! I’m just pissed because I missed out.

I once sat at a “broken” slot machine in the Tropicanna for three hours. I was supposed to meet a friend at the entrance. I wanted to keep the machine, so I asked a traveling companion (I was with a tour group, I know, lame) to watch my machine and my two buckets of quarters. When I got back 5 minutes later, I had half a bucket of quarters, he was as innocent as a new babe, using my machine with two buckets of his own, now. He basicly said prove it, so I reported the machine as broken.
He had to give the casino back all his quarters :smiley: Pay back’s a bitch, sometimes.
(I still had $60.00 I wouldn’t have had.)

I’d do the same thing she did. Theft is theft, no matter who it’s from.

Went to a casino about a month ago, on our way back from picking my son up at the airport.

Played a new nickel slot (the cashier said it was brand new, just installed) and came away with about $800, on a $40 investment, in about half an hour. Seemed like every pull was a jackpot. The machine obviously had a thing for me, and I was feeling a little warm towards it myself. :slight_smile:

Stopped again on our way back to the airport two weeks later. Looked all over for that machine and couldn’t find it. I figure it was in the Slot Machine Behavior Modification Center.

The machine was not “paying off big time”. When money was inserted into its bill acceptor, it put ten times the correct amount on its ‘credit meter’, which the player could then immediately cash out. Cashing out causes the machine to print a ticket good for that amount of money, to be paid by a cashier, an automated ATM-like kiosk, or inserted into another machine whereupon that amount would go on that machine’s ‘credit meter’.

This isn’t a case of a hot machine being unfairly shut down by a casino. This was a misconfigured machine; taking advantage is a dishonest act.


[sub]disclaimer: I program slot machines for a living. The machine in question was not manufactured by my company.[/sub]