Kaite Couric on "The Tonight Show": YUCK!

Christ but was that lame! It’s bad enough that her monologue sucked, but in between her frequent remarks that she’s “a serious journalist” and the removal of that partition in Leno’s desk (right!) so that she could show off her sexy legs, I almost hurled.

Point Two: That insipid cutesy-wootsy little girl act coming from a “serious journalist” in her late 40s is simply dreadful. Telling 4th grade jokes from her daughter? Gag me with a microphone!

Point Three: How old can an average-looked (though glammed-up) woman get away with that aw-shucks crap?

Feel free to weigh in against this abomination called Couric.

I agree. She was terrible.

But Mike Myers certainly did kick some ass!

Couric on the Tonight Show was better than Leno on the Today Show.

I’m sure it was not meant to be taken seriously. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Over-all - I liked her on it. It was a change, it was all in good fun.
Mike Myer’s was hilarious, when him, Simon and Katie spoofed American Idol that was funny and Robbie Williams lap dancing Simon was funny too.

So, I’m easily entertained <shrug>

Talk about damning with faint praise.

I can’t stand her “jeepers, am I really in show biz!!” shtick. She’s as shrewd a businesswoman as they come and her act is old and disingenious. GAG! The cynical manipulation makes me want to hurl.

And her impersonation of Paula Abdul was terrible. Paula doesn’t talk in a little girl voice. Katie does, but Paula doesn’t. Gah, I just wanted to slap her.

Classic example of, “Don’t quit your day job…”

Robbie Williams was great though. Talk about charisma!

Mmm . . . Katie Couric’s legs . . .

And yet the ratings for this show were phenominal.

No other comment than that… I don’t care one way or the other about her and I never watch Leno or the Today Show. Just thought it was interesting how a show people hate gets great ratings. I wonder who those Nielsen families are anyhow, pod people?

No need to. She recently signed a $85 million contract.

Sorry, but Barnum was right about the American people.

Seriously people, what did you expect?

From reports backstage - the Today show loved Leno, said he was great and easy to get along with.
The Tonight Show staff didn’t have the same to say about Ms. Couric.

Katie, you’re great looking. I’d watch your show if I was into am talking empty heads. But, please, leave the comedy to pros.

Like David Letterman?

Didn’t see either show, but Cite?

I tuned in out of curiosity when I heard he was performing. I thought that little girl was going to explode, she was sooooo fangirl. Very nice of him to come back to her, though.

In the Morning, In the Evening - She Sure Does Suck.

What the hell is the difference? They are both assholes. Couric is a nasty little jerk who Matt Lauer looks as if he wants to strangle sometimes when she shows her smart ass, unfunny , MEAN little sense of humor. (She loves to embarrass people while pretending to be kidding them)

Leno is the dolt who DID NOT mention Johnny Carson’s name one time on his first show. (His manager told him not to, the show was his now)

He CANNOT interview or ad lib. He use to be a good stand up comedian, but now is mediocre. HE cannot do off the wall like Letterman, but he tries. The show is unwatchable.

I have read that comedians hate his guts because he won’t showcase young standups like Carson use to.

BRING BACK JOHNNY. (or give it to Letterman like they should have in the first place)