Anyone watch the Today Show / Mon. 5-12-2003

Katie Couric was absent today, Good!

She and Jay Leno switched gigs, He hosts with Matt Lauer
and she does the Tonight Show.

I like Jay in the Morning, The Today Show was watchable - Keep Jay, he was funny and not serious.

Let Katie keep the Tonight Show gig, I hate her in the morning.

I’m not sure how long the switch is for, but if I could E-mail NBC and keep the switch permanent, I would.

Anyone else.

Intaglio, please tell me the OP was in jest. Please?

The last person I want to see on my TV Monday morning (prior to caffeine consumption, mind you) is Jay Farking Leno.

I hate Jay Leno.

Nope - Jay and Katie switched jobs today.

I wasn’t clear. I know Katie and Jay switched. I was asking if this part of the OP was in jest:

I was not in jest, I would rather have Jay Leno being funny in the morning, in place of Katie Couric and her serious mock concern for people and their stories.

Lucky for me, I’m already at the office when this show comes on. Just seeing Katie’s visage in a print ad makes me shudder.

I avoid the Today Show, although I might watch it with Jay. But it doesn’t matter because I get to work at 6…

I saw parts of it - frankly, I despise Leno. I thought the parts that I did see (between getting ready for work) were atrocious.

Then again, I’m not a regular viewer, but I definitely wouldn’t be one if I had to look at him every day.