So gunmaker Kalashnikov is now producing an electric car. A kind of odd product range. Maybe other gun manufacturers should also branch out? Smith and Wesson Oil, maybe?

That’s not an uncommon thing historically speaking. Winchester is the poster child of this. After WWI, they started making pretty much everything-refrigerators, lawn mowers, razor blades, ice skates, baseball bats all sorts of things. They ended up opening over six thousand department stores across the US. Remington also experimented with making air tools and saws, particularly chain saws in the 50s and 60s. Colt in the inter-war period also diversified and produced automobiles, dishwashers and motorcycles among other things. It might be best to think of firearms manufacturers as machine shops more so than single product factories. They have the machinery to do lots of cool things and the know-how to design complicated systems. Guns are a fickle market and it makes sense to diversify when able.

Cool car. Even cooler if a (nonfunctional) weapon emerged from the hood/fender at the touch of a dash-button.

Still has that classic 70s Soviet styling, I see.

Note they also recently “introduced” a giant killer walker robot (see the OP’s article). Looks suspiciously like something out of Star Wars and quite impractical.

These people are just having a joke. The 1970s body is a dead giveaway.

And the loose tolerances allow it to run in even the muddiest conditions.

Only comes with an automatic transmission, I’m assuming.

Technically, it would be selective shifting.


Other gunmakers could market a gunpowder-and-pop cocktail: Heckler & Coke, or a SIG Sour.

Or a decorative gun over the mantle, and when the hour strikes, a bird comes out of the barrel… call it a Cuckoo Glock.

applauds digs

That is not the Star Wars device. And it is not a walking robot, it is a vehicle. It looks a lot more like the thing from Avatar.

Being bullet proof, it could be a challenge to defeat. I think most of us would greatly enjoy the spectacle of two of those things going at each other. Especially if there was a live audience surrounding them.

Is the killer robot able to walk down stairs?

Why does an electric car need a big grill?