Russia Invents Morris Marina

Behold the Kalashnikov CV-1, a prototype Russian EV which apparently shares design DNA with the legendarily shitty and unloved Morris Marina of the 1970s.

Ye gods and little fishes, that’s a bud tugly car. I want one.

Kalashnikov? Is that the same company that makes those assault rifles? Are they some kind of conglomerate, or is this supposed to be an accessory, a car designed for drive-by shootings?

It looks like a cross between a hatchback and a sedan.

It looks like it’s made out of plastic. Is that a model or the real thing?

That big black round knob thing in the rear bumper, is that the gas fillup? Where is one supposed to put one’s license plate?

I still want one. It’s camp.

As for any resemblance to the Morris Marina, I don’t see it, except for the color.

The design firm has expanded and diversified in the postcommunist era. I mean, sure, there is this one particular thing that they’ve done superbly but they’ve been 70 years at that, it has been both licensed *and *bootlegged with impunity around the planet, and probably the newer heads are thinking they gotta do *something *else some day. Who knows, maybe Mikhail Timofeyevitch could posthumously get his lawnmower to be remembered by…

But this is a Concept Car – a production one would look more boring once they got things going but I can see how for the Concept they might have felt like playing to the brand image and go for Soviet Chic.

**Russia Invents Morris Marina

They invented a harbor for a picky cat?

(Apologies to those not of a certain age.)

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