Kama'aina/ mainland Spam musubi fans. . . ume!

Spam Report for September:
A guy I know mentioned that he likes his spam musubi with a bit of ume (pickled plum) in between the layers, so I gave it a shot (with a little furikake in the rice) and it was brilliant. Completely brilliant. Unfortunately all my new housemate had was mainland style rice which is falling all over the place so the rest of the project will have to wait. But give it a shot-- trust me. Adds a very neat kind of spicy and puts it on a whole new level (I must admit I’d never had ume WITH anything except mochi or something).
Aand. . . this probably should have gone in Cafe Society. Sorry about that.

I had SPAM musubi a few months ago. I liked it.

Ume, huh? Okay, I’m going to a Japanese market at lunchtime today and I’ll pick some up and give it a try next time I make Spam musubi. Sounds yummy.

“Mainland style rice”? We’ve got every kind of rice in the world on the mainland. You must mean someone made it with long-grain rice, which is definitely not the kind of rice one uses when making rice balls or sushi. I went to a new “plate lunch” joint here in San Jose yesterday, and they used long-grain rice as a bed under their Hawaiian-style ribs, and it was definitely not da kine. You gotta have sticky short-grain rice to soak up the island-style sauce.

Spam :eek: I’ve heard it’s good though… One day I’ll force myself to try this out.

You shouldn’t have to force yourself. Really, all it is is chopped-and-formed ham and pork shoulder with salt and a bit of sugar (plus water and sodium nitrate). It’s not that bad. And by ‘not that bad’ I mean that it’s not going go give your mouth an orgasm, but it’s tasty.

Some people like SPAM from the can. Others prefer it heated or fried. The taste is different between heated/cooked and straight-from-the-can. I find fried SPAM to be rather salty – but that’s not necessarily bad. It’s salty like bacon. And you can get SPAM Lite (pork and chicken) and less-salty versions.

Really it’s a bit like any other lunchmeat. It just has a ‘reputation’.

That’s only because your grandpa and great-grandpa had to eat so much of it in foxholes in long-ago wars. They came home with an aversion to canned meat. It didn’t kill 'em, though. That’s why we are here.

Fried spam! Yummy!

Get yourself some good Calrose rice. It’s easy enough to find here in California (duh), but if you aren’t paying attention, someone will slip Jasmin rice into your cart instead. Or Batsmani. Good rice for Indian food, just wrong for Loco Moco.

Take heart! The mainland can be made livable.

Now, I just need a good source of mochi crunch.

Do you dice up or slice the ume, or just hide the whole thing deep in the rice?

Meh, ume. It makes the rice a funny color. I’ll take furikake over it any day.

Pullet-- yep, I was just unfamiliar with ‘long grain’ as a concept and it turned out sad. Now I have some regular calrose style and all is well in the world again.
Teela-- I took out the pit and just sort of flattened out/ squooshed a couple in between the rice and spam.
Audrey: I’m serious. You have to take this risk. Don’t waste your life. I’m ‘meh’ about ume usually, but this was a damn good combo.
Now I need a Vancouver source for lau lau. . .

I’ll have to blindfold myself, I suspect…


Thanks for the link, Audrey K. I’ve been to that website before. Great selection, crappy shipping prices. $33 to send 2 pounds of stuff 3-5 day Priority Mail with the USPS? The USPS’s website quotes only $7.50. I understand that shipping stuff takes staff time and supplies, but gimme a break :frowning:

No, just have to wait for Christmas and birthdays for my kama’aina suppliers to come to life.

ETA: Strangely, the shipping drops if I order 22 pounds of stuff instead of just 2 pounds. Guess I need to splurge!

I can find arare and even Zippy’s chili at my local Mitsuwa and Nijiya markets, but I’m not sure if they’re in your neck of CA. Dunno if 99 Ranch Market or Marukai are options either. Even then, I don’t think the selection is as good. Boo. :frowning:

Maybe we’re just meant to stuff 20 pounds of mac nuts and coffee in our suitcases every time we fly home (and pay the $25 overweight luggage fee at the airport). :frowning: