Kamala Harris first female acting President of the United States (for a few hours)

For a couple hours, Mr. Biden briefly transfered the duties of the Presidency to Ms. Harris while he was having a colonoscopy. He invoked the Article II section 1 clause 6* (Bush did this twice). A couple hours later Mr. Biden resumed his duties. That makes Ms. Harris the first female acting President. A bit of trivia history for the future, I suppose.

Good for her!


ETA: a previous version of this post erroneously cited the 25th Amendment.

First official one. Mrs. Wilson was acting President for about 17 months.

Oh, that’s right! I should have remembered that, Mrs. Wilson was a big reason we have the 25th amendment. (the other reason being Kennedy’s assassination leaving the VP position vacant)


Well, what executive orders or other major actions did Acting Prez Harris do? What good was it if no executive orders? I wanted executive orders!

Nitpick. Kamala is the correct spelling of her name.

Good point and fixed.

I was also right the first time when I said the 25th instead of Article II. :facepalm:

Oh well…


As you said, the first official. Mrs. Wilson would go into the bedroom alone, return and say, “The President’s will is such and such.”

Can you imagine the firestorm if she had issued an executive order, even if it was a “harmless” one? Heads would explode.

An executive order mandating the explosion of certain heads in DC would have been interesting.

Imagine if she’d issued an executive order doing something the right wants. Like making a wilderness area slightly smaller.


It’d kind of like watching Kirk and Nomad in “The Changeling.”

Is there still space on Mt. Rushmore ?

At the risk of objectifying Vice President Harris, she really would look awfully good up there.

I can’t help but imagine that during the time she was acting President, she was surrounded by older (white) men in dark suits with serious expressions and their hands clasped in front of their groins. If she so much as flinched they would step forward and quietly intone, “Madame President, please don’t touch that…”

Oh, please.

Biden was smart and made the right call to get a sedative. I’ve had a couple of coloscopies you come out of the sedative real, real quick. Clear as a bell.

Trump is such a wimp and liar I very much doubt he did not have a sedative. It’s bad enough though that he made any decisions. But Trump making a serious decision under serious pain? Um no. He’d probably call in a strike on Walter Reed Hospital.

kinda hard for him to talk with the tube stuck there.

Which end?

He’s always talking out his ass -

It’s not always easy to tell.

Talking shit mode effective! Anus mouth functional and ready!