Kansas Dopers

Is there anyone here who lives in Kansas? Specifically, the southeast corner? Has anyone heard of Coffeyville? Cherryvale?

I live in Kansas. I’ve heard of them.

Yep. Southeast Kansas, born and raised. I’ve been to both Coffeyville and Cherryvale numerous times. Coffeyville has a cool fair in the fall with rides and rodeos and things like that.

Oh, and I’m from Chanute. It’s about an hour from Coffeyville.

I’m a Kansan, from Topeka. There’s several of us Dopers in the northeast corner of the state, and from northwest Missouri, that have had several Dopefests. There’s at least one other Topeka Doper, and on from Lawrence.

I live in Shawnee, and I have heard of Coffeyville, but not Cherryvale.

Curious minds want to know…

My husband works in Parsons every other week - does that count?

I live in New Jersey and work in Manhattan, and I’ve heard of Coffeyville—that’s where the Dalton boys met their fate.

Ah, yes, the Dalton gang. Coffeyville still milks that for much more than it it worth.
Dad was raised in part in Coffeyville (born in Baxter Springs, also lived in Chetopa and Parsons).

I’ll give a nickel to the first person who can, without looking it up, give the location of Piqua, Kansas.

My uncle lives in Chanute, and I was born there.

My mom lives in Cherryvale. I went to school there from 1st to 5th grade. It’s not even big enough to have any fast food places, except the Sonic that sits on the highway that was just put there a few years ago. My mom was the manager there until they started being stupid. Raising the prices, while lowering the amount of food for said price, and jerking her all around with her hours and shit.

What do you want to know?

Close enough! I think I’ve been there once or twice, I can’t remember. I went there once with my friend to her doc appointment when she was pregnant.

I was raised in Wichita and had many relatives in Coffeyville. Specifically, my great uncle Fred and all his kids and grand kids. I don’t know if any of them are still there.

Ah yes, the Dalton gang. They re-enact that gun fight every year. I only go for the food. They have the best funnel cakes there, and a few craft booths, which are fun to browse. My great-gramma has been to the re-enactment every year since they started it, so that’s at least a few decades. I’m not sure when they started it. My son just ignores all the noise, he doesn’t know what’s going on yet. Fun time of year though, because just a couple weeks after it is my birthday.

Has there ever been a Dopefest in southeast Kansas?

I don’t know a Fred, but if any of them went to Field Kindley, email me some names and I’ll let you know if I know them, or look them up in the yearbook.

Piqua’s about 30 minutes from Chanute. It’s a few miles west of Iola, where I go to school at. I got a speeding ticket in Piqua last week, actually.

I live in Lawrence.

There are at least two of us (Enderw24(or is it 23?) who rarely posts, at least that I see). He’s my best friend’s boyfriend, too. :slight_smile: At least, he was last time I talked to her.

I’ve been to Ark City, and points inbetween, as well as Iola (coooool town), but never further west that wasn’t directly on I70.

I’m originally from Lawrence, and now live near Perry.

I’ve been to southeast Kansas many times to camp and fish at the Mined Land Wildlife Area by the town of West Mineral.

I strongly suggest a Southeast Kansas Dopefest. But someone else should put it together, I’m not too good with planning things like that :slight_smile:

I have the perfect idea - next time they do the Dalton Gang thing, we can all meet there and have a Dalton Gang Dopefest!

That’s more or less the reason I started this thread…I wanted to make sure there were even people here first.

The Dalton thing is a great idea! I’d plan it myself, if I had a clue where to start. It wouldn’t be until next October, though. :frowning:

We have a winner! (Sorry to hear about the ticket!) My mom was raised on a farm south of Piqua, and I’ve been in Iola more times than I care to admit to.

Kansas Beekeeper: So, didya visit Big Brutus?