Kansas lawmaker goes full-on wacko

I think you meant: “I used a preposition to abruptly end a sentence with.” Maybe we should call it a “postposition” instead of a preposition. And be sure to gratuitously throw in some split infinitives for good measure.

From the article:

Numerous videos taken by students that day show Samsel ranting about God, the Bible, masturbation and suicide. One student told police Samsel kicked him in the crotch.

Samsel went on to say that he had “tried to distinguish himself from his fellow red state Republican colleagues” but that he “utterly failed.”


He wasn’t crazy enough?

Just when you think things can’t get any stranger, people like this come along.

He surrendered his teaching license, because nobody will ever hire this clown again.

But of course he is still a state representative. And there are no GOP voices telling him to resign.

Because someone else couldn’t be bothered. Thank you.

It is an update on the subject of the thread that tells the summary in the box. That is plenty to let someone know if the link is something that they want to click.

The number of posts you have made sniping at me personally in various threads because I don’t make the type of posts that you like really makes me feel sorry for you. You are losing so much rent on my space in your head.

What did you bring that book that I didn’t want to be read to out of about Down Under up for?

I think you broke something in my brain.

…so there’s some ninny-warts in your brain that’s getting screwed with?

I believe assault and battery is indeed a criminal offense. If I just pretend to knee someone in the nuts and pull back, that is already assault. Actually doing it is battery.

I have to go home and put what I’m going out in on.

He’s going to be placed on probation.