Kansas lawmaker goes full-on wacko

I assume this:

There was also a big push for substitutes at the time and some districts were allowing applicants to draw on personal experience but the ones around here were still requiring some college courses in education.

Has anybody seen an article that talks to the students to ask them if it was all staged?

Too much trouble. If you can’t do a drive-by one-line OP with a link then what’s the point of even posting?

You know, there is such a thing as using an ignore file if I bother you so much. I notice your snide swipes at me in the pit, but this isn’t the pit.

Or the students in the earlier classes?

Kneeing students in the gonads, presumably.

We call that the old “Kansas Pop Quiz” around these parts.

Back in my day (the early 90s) the substitute teachers in high school mostly were of the take attendance and keep the kids from being rowdy type. We did have one substitute teacher, however, who was quite good. He was an elderly man who was a retired engineer and subbed on occasion for physics class. We actually learned more from him than from the regular teacher.

I concur and I try to report this whenever possible. There is a LOT of laziness now. At times the SDMB is too much like Facebook or Yahoo Answers. It’s embarrassing, really.

I’m surprised that smart people can get taken in so easily by the infoboxes; believing that they represent some succinct capsule of their post as if there is a little man somewhere who reads their post and distills it for them.

There is no little man. You will have to write your post yourself.

“People are sharing information in a way that I don’t. Why, it almost resembles the most popular site on the planet. That is lazy and wrong and stupid and must be reported and added to the guide of the top 2,573 ways people must present their posts on this ever-shrinking site!”

You’re here. You’re not anywhere else. Here has rules that have been around since forever. Whining won’t change any of those truths.

Yes, here the smallest change in any direction brings out the pitchforks and torches. I see the preview boxes as a cool, welcome, helpful new feature. That doesn’t make me stupid, lazy, or wrong no matter what the hall monitors think.

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Apropos of nothing in particular: has a P&E thread ever had to be moved into ATMB before?