Kansas radio station goes full-on Russian Propaganda.

Six hours a day playing Radio Sputnik.

'Member when the American Right was opposed to a Russian take-over of the US?

That appears to be a link to the Delta Airlines fuel dump over a schoolyard.

Try here: https://thehill.com/homenews/media/478898-kansas-city-radio-station-signs-deal-to-broadcast-russia-state-owned-media

If I was a betting man, I’d bet the deal will be off by Sunday and no Russian stuff will be broadcast in Kansas.

What the actual fuck?

I like this quote from the article:

Uh, then stop doing it? The way I read that, the owner is taking a loss in order to broadcast Russian propaganda and complaining about it. Did I miss something?

They should do what LAZombie does and HD used to do – post it on here for free. That way, it’s only your time that you’re spending. It’s not money out the door.

So it’s finally time to drop an asteroid on Kansas.
We’ve got to get our space program up to snuff for it.
Maybe a ground launched Orion type nuclear craft, like they used in Footfall.
That could do the job.

Kansas City isn’t Sputnik’s first American radio station; there’s one in DC.

Fellow seems to be following the State of Kansas fiscal policy.

As a native Kansan, I respectfully submit the fact that the tower for these broadcasts and the offices for the stations are located in Liberty, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City.

Wiki link.

So please direct the asteroid at Missouri. But do wait until after the Chiefs game on Sunday, as Arrowhead Stadium is located in Kansas City, Missouri. Thanks.

Also, FYI, Kansas’ finances are in better shape than they were a couple of years ago. Amazing what a group of Democratic representatives, moderate Republicans, and a Democratic governor can do in a short time.

Excellent plan Railer13. Kansas actually has some decent spots in it.Lawrence, Dodge(?), TotoTown, or whatever it’s called (Oz?), maybe that big Federal Marijuana patch from the movie. They’ve just developed the bad habit of voting for insane billionaire interests instead of their own. I don’t think it’d take much to turn the place around, but an asteroid would be so convenient. If you do rebuild, could you put in a few more trees? I-70 out west is perhaps the most boring drive in the US.
I’d sooner drive central Illinois.

A bad habit not limited to Kansans, I might add.

If you think driving I-70 through western Kansas is boring, just wait until you cross the border into Colorado. There’s absolutely nothing to look at for three hours until you reach Denver.


This is the link to the story I meant to put in the OP.

That was back when Russia was* left* wing. Now that it’s a* right *wing oligarchy they are all for it.

They are fundamentally treasonous people who care nothing about America, only about their own profits and hurting the people they hate. Which is nearly everyone.

The key is to take the exit in Limon and take 24 down to Colorado Springs. About 15 miles after you leave the freeway, Pike’s Peak appears on the horizon like an angry god. It’s still boring as hell up to that point, though, especially driving a box truck that’s limited to 70 mph.

As a guy living on the other side of the state line I was more than happy to ignore that all too familiar “Kansas City is in Kansas” error this time.

So, let’s go ahead and send the asteroid to Kansas. Just do it at night as I work in Kansas during the day.

Perhaps a Mars size impactor would make all our troubles disappear. Not sure how to move such a mass though???


-With prayer, all things are possible, after all.

If I may paraphrase CBS radio commentator Dave Ross from a few years ago:

The recent asteroid 2019 OK passed within 45000 miles of Kansas and MISSED! :smack:

(It was back in 2008 or so, he remarked that some asteroid has passed within some close-distance to Washington and MISSED!)

You might also note the fact that it’s a Florida based company that made the agreement. Don’t blame the victims.

This is how I see it. And STILL they fucking dare to wave the flag at the rest of the country.

People better remember all this.