Kansas to Vote on Constitutional Amendment regarding Abortion

Color me shocked that anti-abortion forces in Kansas are both lying about the effect of the amendment and forcing it onto primary election day to try to get fewer, more rabidly partisan voters involved.

Here’s hoping their hypocritical, dishonest tactics fail. I would have thought that Kansas was anti-abortion enough that they wouldn’t have to resort to such underhanded bullshit.

Surprisingly they appear to be split 50/50

Just how gerrymandered is Kansas? I guess I don’t understand how they can be such a red state, voting in idiots like Sam Brownback if they are that close to even.

This is off-topic for this thread, but I’m pretty surprised.

ETA: Just took a look at that link. I think it would interesting to see how many “legal in most cases” states have made it illegal anyway, and vice versa. In another thread, of course, that I’m too lazy to start.

Right now the state legislature is extremely idiotic red. And both our Senators are 100% GOP, with Roger Marshall being as far right as possible. But we have a Democratic governor, and one of our four Representatives is a Democrat. (Both, of course, are in extreme danger of losing re-election bids in November.)

Up until 2010 or thereabouts, Kansas was almost tolerable. But then the far-right Pubs voted out the moderate Pubs, who have seemed to have completely disappeared.

Wow. Two-thirds No, one-third Yes on approving the amendment to remove abortion rights.

Cue Republican cries of “voter fraud!” in 3…2…1…

[ETA: Yeah, that’s currently with only 47% reporting.]

A little too soon to be making that declaration.

Not really

So other states, at least those with the initiative, should take a lesson from Kansas. Get an abortion-rights constitutional amendment on the ballot. If one can win in Kansas, it can win anywhere. The only problem is that only about half the states have the citizen initiative.

58% in and it’s 64-36 in favor of keeping abortion rights in the state constitution. That’s not going to significantly shift. Even the low pop counties voting primarily for removing the rights are still getting 30-40% in favor of keeping them.

63-37 with 82% of precincts reporting. I would not have predicted that.

Well. Well. Well fucking well.

Finally, I am proud of the state of my birth.

Now, what will happen elsewhere?

Everybody said that it would be close. I’m gobsmacked. Good job, (eastern) Kansas!

Sedgwick County, home of Wichita, second in population in the state, right now is showing 59% - 41%. Seward County, in far southwestern Kansas, is showing 50-50. Riley County, home of Kansas State University, normally quite red, is 68-32. This, my friends, has the potential to be huge.

I’m gobsmacked. I thought for sure the vote was going to be close.

So now that they’ve gotten the smackdown, what dirty tricks will Republicans try next to thwart the will of the people?

I dunno… now watch these same Republicans easily retain their seats later in the year and maybe add a few hardline Trumpetistas. Betcha no Republican incumbent in this primary was getting challenged by a “moderate”.

And sure they did not change the constitution but they can always legislate by the ordinary process to make it harder up to the limit it may allow.

Careful what you wish for. That could turn out badly really easily.

Looks like if that was the idea they got too smart for their own good. Sure, program it for primary day, where normally only the hardcore partisans show up. It looks like that’s what happened… for their side. But lookee here, everyone else decided to also show up.

I am not surprised. Sure Kansas is not a pro-choice hotbed, but only 20% of Americans want all abortions banned for all reasons.

If they had tried “abortions only during the first trimester” or something, it would have passed.

Americans do not want to ban all abortion. Most want limits on it, which is fine, depending on those limits.

And again- the anti-abortion nuts are not, in any way shape or form- “pro-life”- that is a total and complete lie.

You don’t understand what was voted on then.

They didn’t have to do that.

Right now Kansas law dictates no abortions after 22 weeks. And no tax monies can be used for abortions. In other words, abortions are rather tightly regulated in Kansas.

This was a bullshit proposition. And the GOP got smacked today.

Abolishing public referendums would be my guess.