Kansas to Vote on Constitutional Amendment regarding Abortion

Next week’s primary election in Kansas will also feature a proposed amendment to the state constitution. This article does a great breakdown of the issue.

As one would expect, the anti-aborts are doing their best to cloud the issue. The amendment was put on the primary ballot in the hopes that the historically low turnout in the primary election would benefit the ‘Yes’ vote. But judging from the TV ads, yard signs, and social media posts that I’ve been seeing, I expect a large turnout and a close vote. I expect the amendment to pass, but it won’t be the landslide that our GOP legislators had expected.

A very interesting bellwether. Will the Republican Supreme Court’s decision drive people to the polls? Which people? For decades we were told real of abortion rights would lead to a political backlash from women. Now it is time to see if that is true.

Kansas Republicans and associated crotch-sniffers have pulled out all the stops to ensure that only Handmaidens and their owners will participate.

Thanks for posting this @Railer13. I’ve been meaning to post about this but haven’t gotten around to it.

The pro-amendment forces, as noted in the linked article, are being very disingenuous (OK, outright lying) about the purpose of the amendment. The phrase being tossed around a lot is “common sense legislation”. If you are trying to enact common sense legislation, you don’t need this amendment to do it.

You also hear them saying “this amendment does not remove the right to abortion.” Technically that’s true. What is does do is throw the door wide open to allow the kind of restrictive abortion legislation that we are seeing in other red states.

The funny thing is, this amendment would have passed easily if not for SCOTUS overturning Roe v Wade. But now the pro choice side has been energized. It’ll be interesting to see how the vote turns out.

You’re welcome. I’ve actually been waiting for a good article that explains the details of the proposed amendment, because a post that did so would be far too long. So thanks to The Intercept for delineating exactly what is at stake.

Win or lose, this will be the largest turnout in history for an August primary in Kansas.

Just got done voting. I voted no, because “hell no” wasn’t an option.

No matter what Kansas does, if Congress codifies abortion access into law, wouldn’t it override any state law?

AIUI, yes, this would be true. Not only in Kansas, but all other states as well. Which is why the Dems should have codified Roe v Wade when they had the opportunity.

Which was when, exactly?

In 2009-2010 the Dems had a majority in the House and a 60-40 majority in the Senate. Bit of an opportunity there, I believe.

Did they have 60 pro-choice Democratic senators? or were some of them pro-life?

Only if there were zero pro-life Senators and Reps, and there weren’t.

Which lasted all of six weeks and Ted Kennedy was on his deathbed for most of it.

Bumping because today is primary day in Kansas. Anxiously awaiting the returns to start rolling in this evening.

So all it takes for the Kansas constitution to be amended is 50.0001% of a ballot measure vote on primary day? That’s a pretty flimsy constitution.

It’s the same in California. As a result, the California constitution has over 500 amendments.

In order to be added to the ballot, it had to first be approved by 2/3rds of both branches of the Kansas state legislature.

I don’t know in which state you live, but there’s a pretty good chance that the same or similar method applies:

Every state but Delaware requires voters to ratify proposed state constitutional amendments—changes to a state’s constitution.

Amending state constitutions - Ballotpedia.

Not any time recently. It might have been possible during the Carter years and the first two years of Clinton’s presidency. There hasn’t been a time since then when it would have passed. Not even Obama’s first two years.

I voted at 10:30 this morning. By far the longest line I’ve ever encountered at a primary election. I know one of the ‘check-in’ women, and she confirmed that they had been busy since opening at 7:00 am.