Kanye West is $53 MM in debt?

Hmm, this may not bode well for his 2020 presidential campaign.

I’ve seen photos of his Kartrashian family and their friends out in the audience at that show at MSG, including Caitlyn Jenner, all dressed in his hideous creations, and looking thrilled to pieces to be there.

It’s like photos showing that the world has finally gone utterly mad. It’s not even funny, it’s frightening.

I’m sure no one else has thought of this, but . . . if this report is true, how long would it take for Kim to divorce Kanye and make sure he can’t touch her money? Has she started already?

I’ve seen better future slave gear than that.

It looks like the wardrobe for a new post-apocalyptic movie…

In fairness to Kanye, he didn’t exactly invent the concept of ugly fashions at fashion shows.

Ugliest Dresses of 2015

Yeah, all designers produce some fugly, let’s be honest.

Problem with K’s stuff is its ALL fugly. Ain’t nobody buying that shit, no matter who’s names on it, I suspect!

Are you saying she’s a gold-digger?

I never thought the day would come when I take up for a Kardashian but that isn’t gold-digging; it is simple self-preservation to save herself from a financially ruinous spouse. If it was the case, it would be the opposite of her trying to get money from him.

They keep their finances separate and I believe that is an excellent idea for both them and almost everyone else in a high stakes marriage like theirs:

Charity appeal anyone?

Not if she’s messing with a broke… feller.

I don’t hate #3. It’s bad in a charming way, and not just bad in a bad way.

I feel so sorry for the girl who had to wear #5

From the look on her face, she’s already dead inside.

obligatory link

Rich, deluded idiot goes bankrupt - perfect setup for a presidential campaign.

Fully expected this to go a Trump page.

Poor man! At least he can still afford fish sticks.


Just pretend it was made as a Make-a-Wish for a 8-9 year old who wants to be a fashion designer, and it’s cool.

I haven’t really seen his clothing stuff, but I find that interesting because he was one of the guys in rap who sort of ushered in an era when it was more acceptable to wear preppy clothes that fit, instead of baggy jeans and timbs or shiny suits. Of course he was called “gay” in all kinds of derogatory ways, but his fondness for skirts also contributed to that.

Now, I see grown men wearing skinny jeans that look like they have a diaper compartment, and apparently that’s cool.

Also, I don’t believe he’s broke at all.