Do you like Kanye West?

Simple question with four answers provided. Expand on the choices as you see fit.

In a word, absolutely never! :frowning:

Oh, that was more than one word. so short answer? No.

Is this “Do you like Kanye West (the person)?” or “Do you like Kanye West’s music?”

No to the person; indifferent to the music.

But the industry is full of people I don’t like, and I give them all the same shrug of meh.

Your choice. If you like one and not the other you could say so in a post and explain which of the two persuaded you to check what you did among the options.

In case it’s not obvious yet, this poll is in response to

and associated articles elsewhere…

I see I’m not alone in my evaluation of this individual and his contribution(s) to the world today!

I know who he is. I’m pretty indifferent, but lean negative without much justification. I know nothing about his music and don’t know if I’ve ever heard any of it.

Used to like his music. Don’t like much of it any more. Indifferent on the guy himself.

The guy seems like a dick; no real interest in his music but that’s the genre as much as just his stuff.

Progress report. Who will break down and own up to a YES first?

View Poll Results: Do you like Kanye West?
This poll will close on 03-06-2016 at 04:09 PM

Yes                     0 0% 
No                     14 70.00% 
I am 100% indifferent   4 20.00% 
Who?                    2 10.00% 

Voters: 20

I guess he does the music of some sort? 100% meh.

I have no opinion about his music because I have no idea what it sounds like. All I know of him is what I hear or read in the news, and it’s all convinced me that he’s a class-A, self-important jerk. So, no, I don’t like him.

It happened!

View Poll Results: Do you like Kanye West?
This poll will close on 03-06-2016 at 04:09 PM

Yes                    1 3.23% 
No                    20 64.52% 
I am 100% indifferent  7 22.58% 
Who?                   3 9.68% 

Voters: 31

I actively despise him, I’m tired of his social media whoring. I know the Grammy awards are tonight, I know he’ll be involved in some sort of ‘controversy’ that I won’t be able to escape in the news tomorrow or on social media.

Honestly, he’s fine with me. His music is pretty damned good. He’s a media whore but, well, who cares? I kind of love the way he grates on people.

I like his music but think he’s an arrogant douchebag.

Indifferent to his music. Man himself is an arrogant prick.

Like his music, dislike him as a person. Getting a dozen great songs for someone being annoying on twitter is a pretty easy trade if you ask me.

Yeah, right, I totally believe you’ve never heard Gold Digger on the radio (or TV, or anywhere else).

If I did, the sound will just get tossed into the mental bin labeled “degenerative sounds.”

I have no recollection of ever hearing such a song. If I had, I doubt I would have known it was Mr. West singing anyway.

That does not imply he’s not great/good/awful, but if it’s not on “70’s on 7,” or “The Bridge” I’m not likely to hear it. Pop culture is pretty invasive, but not universal by any means.