A Hearty Fuck You, Kanye West.

Just, you know, because.

-grin- I admit here I got suckered and didn’t search deeper. A spoof news story looked real enough.

Huffington Post discusses.

They certainly captured his personality.

For the record, the Paris Hilton quote is also fake.

Yeah, I saw a headline about that, and didn’t doubt it for a second.

Weak. What is being pitted here? Why not pit Peter Jackson over this story that appeared in The Onion? It amounts to the same thing. There is plenty of shit that Kanye has said in the past that you could call him on, but instead you seize on something you know is satirical and untrue. That is fucking weak.

I’d rather pit Peter Jackson for making so many shitty hobbit movies.

The Daily Current is the worst satire in the history of satire. You see, satire should, first, actually be funny. But is should also shine a light on whatever issue you’re attempting satirize.

The Daily Current is nothing but a shitty pack of writers making up fake news stories absent of any consideration other than “did we include a famous person name?” Of course people believe the stories because they address actual, potential shit that someone might do or say if they were completely off their rocker.

What exactly was this Kanye interview supposed to send up? Kanye himself? Who the fuck even needs satire for that?

I’m for all pittings of Kanye West no matter what it’s about, true or untrue. I fucking hate that guy. There’s really nothing narcissistic and obnoxious that you could attribute to him that couldn’t easily be true.

Agreed. That said, amazing musician.

Is he? I guess I’m guilty of hearing so much douchbaggery by him that I’ve never wanted to listen to his music.

Dark Twisted Fantasy is probably the most acclaimed and most influential album you’ll hear this century.

That’s the thing about him. He’s an idiot. But not an untalented one.

If you re-read my OP, you will see that I posted a rant here. Based on the article. THEN, after posting it, I saw a comment that suggested it was a spoof. What I saw that pissed me off was a Facebook posting- indicating this was a true article. I believed it- hell, it’s Kanye West.

So, the pitting isn’t weak- I got spoofed as well by the article, wrote my pitting, then caught that it was a fake article. I modified my OP, but of course one cannot remove a thread once posted.

Then again, as OP pittings go, yeah. It’s weak. But for a good reason. :smiley:

Still, he’s a douche.

You are so correct. Bound 2 is not only an amazing video, the music and lyrics just blow my mind! What a sweet love song. Here is a sample that shows some of his true talent:

I wanna fuck you hard on the sink
After that, give you something to drink
Step back, can’t get spunk on the mink
I mean damn, what would Jeromey Romey Romey Rome think?

Oh, he’s done some amazingly moronic music too. Nobody’s denying that. He does both things.

I don’t see talent in any part of that: The video, music, lyrics, anything. Totally devoid of talent. It’s like he is purposefully making garbage to prove that people will lap up any crap he spews forth. Unless it’s a case of the emperor and his lack of clothes: His lackeys are afraid to tell him how bad it is and he doesn’t have a clue.

When he’s bad he really is horrifying. You are not the first to suggest that things like Bound 2 are an astonishingly elaborate joke at everybody else’s expense.

Because he can do that tripe, funnier than if it was a parody, and then go and do this.

Don’t ask me how those two songs can be by the same guy, but they are.

Split personality. One with talent, the other without. Must be.

Some of his old stuff was good. I don’t know about the newer stuff because I’m too lame to listen to new music (or even music old enough to be cool again). Also, he’s supposed to be a really good producer. I don’t know anything about that, but I know an unfortunately large number of wannabe rappers and that’s what they say. I think he’s supposed to be a better producer than rapper?

And in every 5-10 years you’ll hear the exact same thing being said about another album until at the end of this century the current critics will all say “Kanye West? Meh he was OK for the time but he’s no Fibbic Mackzimmer.”

Hey, you leave Fibbic Mackzimmer out of this. Fibbic will make Mozart sound like Justin Bieber one day.

Look ,while what you said it’s true, making that one album in a decade is not that easy. Hundreds of thousands try. And that moron made it. So there’s the two things, he’s a jackass and he’s exceptionally gifted sometimes. And both things are true.