Karaoke Revolutions - PS2

Ok, I’m sure no one has picked this up, but is anyone here willing to at least admit that they’re interested in this game? I borrowed it last night from my brother’s game store to check it out, and… well… I liked it. :smiley: Of course, I knew I’d have to take a peek, since it’s from the makers of Frequency and Amplitude, which are of course the best games evar.

Part of the fun was that my wife (whose gaming experience consists of playing a little Mario when she was 10, and The Sims for about ten minutes a couple years ago) enjoyed the game, and we spent a couple of hours belting out some sad sounding tunes together. It’s a lot of fun - I can see it as a great party game, assuming your partiers aren’t too shy.

As for the game itself - it’s pretty cool. You either play through what could maybe be called a story mode, where you choose one song from a list of four and perform it adequately into the USB headset to proceed to the next venue, or just arcade, where you play through three, four, or five songs and go for the high score. Arcade mode in multiplayer is fun because it picks your last song for you randomly (I got “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”). There’s also a straight just-words-on-the-screen mode without scoring for Karaoke purists.

Overall, pretty fun if you’re a music gamer, like to sing, or enjoy looking like a damn fool (in which case I’d recommend you check out the Eye Toy). There’s around 25 songs I think, and the mechanics are there to add more with expansion discs.

Overall, I give it two thumbs up! :smiley: I’m looking forward to getting home tonight to perfect my version of “Don’t Know Why.” :wink: