Karl Zéro -- Wacky Frenchman takes on Cha-Cha and Calypso

The X-Files episode ‘Improbable’ (the one with Burt Reynolds) featured a soundtrack from Karl Zéro’s Music For Cabriolets And Otros Tipos De Vehiculos. I was hooked. You can read the linked review, but basically it’s c.1960 Cha-Cha music – with a wacky French twist. Sadly, the CD is OOP – which I found to my chagrin after I lost my first copy. It took a couple of years to find another, and I paid through the nose for it. The good news, if one wishes a copy, is that it’s available as a download from Amazon.com for a sawbuck.

Zéro has another album, Hi-Fi Calypso by Karl Zero & The Wailers. You can still get the CD, or you can get the download for a quarter of the price. As the title implies, this is his re-working of Calypso songs. Quite a bit of fun.

Here are some YouTube clips:

I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
La Panse
Io Mammate Tu
Crazy Like Mad (I think that’s his wife singing.)
Ça Va Ça Va
Coconut Woman
Jamaica Farewell

There are more of his songs there, but that’s enough for now.