Karma bites Dad in the fuel tank

Dad sometimes fits the stereotypical image of the classic car or bike fan and in no way better than he did today.

How? Dad keeps a can of unleaded in the garage to pour into his bikes when he takes them out to a run, which is fairly infrequently. Leave petrol standing for long enough and it breaks down and become unsuitable for use. Rather than use it in his precious bikes, Dad went to get some fresh stuff. But what to do with the old stagnant stuff? What indeed, I bet none of you car buffs on the boards would have thought about putting it in my Mum’s car. Well, neither did Dad. Actually, he did, its just that he put it in his own (diesel) car.

Oh dear, not bad enough that he did this, but he didn’t like being asked about it either and has spent most of the evening giving off to Mum while waiting for his mechanic to ring him back. Given that he tried to fill Mum’s car up with crap fuel, then bit her face off for complaining about this, I can’t help but feel less sorry for him than I might have otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

He put gasoline in a diesel vehicle? :eek: My first born did that. It cost her a bunch of money to have the fuel tank removed and cleaned and to get her fuel pump replaced. I suspect, but cannot prove, that her idiot boyfriend at the time put the wrong fuel in her car. It’s been long enough - I need to ask her about it.

As for your Dad - heh - stuff happens. EXPENSIVE stuff just happened to him.

Are you (Pushkin), saying that he meant to put the unleaded in your Mum’s car but accidentally put it in his own instead?

Yup, the stale unleaded petrol was supposed to be for Mum’s car, but ended up in his turbo diesel Saab. I must check back in the morning to see what the mechanic said, I’m guessing a swift siphoning is in order.

This may not have been such a bad plan. As this site explains, petrol may be usable for a decade. Diluting old in a tank of new may be a sensible scheme. (It should certainly be checked first, and probably filtered.)

Yes, I agree that the circumstances call his motives into question.

I don’t think we would have minded had he not been so sneaky about it and then been so snappy afterwards, I must check back with home to see how he got it sorted.