Karma's a bitch! (A driving rant.)

So this morning I was on my way to an appointment that I was already late for, when I had a very unforgettable experience. It all begins as I was about to merge onto I-10. The freeway was crowded, but the other drivers seemed to be merging just fine. When it was my turn, an old man in a red truck decided that he didn’t want to play the merge game, and ran right up on the bumper of the guy in front of him cutting me off completly.

I had my signal on, and pointed to the space that I wanted. Needless to say the man ignored me completly, and continued driving 14cm from the guy in front of him. I had to slam on my brakes as to not run into the guard rail.

I cursed of course, flashed my lights and gave him the finger. You know, typical stuff. He ignored me like they say to do on the news when you are confronted by “Road Rage”.

After a few moments, I decided to let it pass and slipped over into the fast (snicker) lane and stopped for a moment. The red truck was in the slow (errr… fast) lane and went around a bend. The radio was playing “Headstrong” by Trapt as I turned the corner and saw the red truck had been rearended by THE MOTHER OF ALL 18-WHEELER! Hahahaha!

It was one of those wide load things with a HUGE freaking tractor on it! Hahaha! That’ll teach you, won’t it fuck-cicle! My karma ran over your dogma beyotch! I loved seeing the blood on your forehead, really made my fucking day you lilly livered pissant! Maybe next time when you see the guy in the van that needs to get over you will let him over!

I am still laughing at your pain fucker. I hope it was worth it.

(Note: He did get out of the truck on his own power, so I don’t think he was hurt to bad. Still, it made my morning.)

Err, FYI I don’t see how this is Karma at work. He’s likely to get a huge amount of cash because, as you said, he was the one that got rear ended.

Hell, I wish I could get hit like that from behind! Those truckers have pretty damn good insurance :smiley:

[disclaimer]In matters of road rage, it is often the innocent that suffer. They might be right, but frequently they are also dead. [/disclaimer]

To hear that this man received an injury causes my heart to soar like a hawk.

And he may not get jack squat in a settlement if there’s a witness to the accident who saw him dart negligently in front of a behemoth of a vehicle and cause a “sudden emergency” which resulted in an accident. He could end up owing for damages to the tractor, get an accident surcharge on his own insurance policy for causing an accident, have to cough up his collision deductible (HAH! Let us pray he does not have collision coverage!) and end up with a dumb dumb scar on his forehead.

No, Kali was on I-10 this morning!

You call your own actions road rage. You decide to “let it pass” (what else could you have done about it, gotten out your gun and shot at him?) You laugh because someone driving like a dickhead got hurt.

Let me hold up a mirror to you here - Mr. Red Truck is no angel, but neither are you.

Never once, in my entire life have I ever claimed to be an angel. Far from it actually.

Then at least we won’t call you a hypocrite. I don’t think you are a very nice man, though, and I hope not to meet you.

Karma? More like car-ma.

Ha ha! That no merge son of a bitch got 0wned. Good! I fucking hate those cunts who charge on obliviously.